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Hi, I am Murilo

Brazilian native living in the coolest Brooklyn neighborhood. Say hi! :)

  • Live in Nueva York, EE.UU.
  • Speaks Portugués, Inglés
  • Fullday: $200.00 / Halfday: $100.00

About Murilo

My name is Murilo, I'm from Blumenau - Brazil and I have been living as a local in New York for almost two years by now. Even though it's not a long time, I love this city since my first month here and I'm always exploring and doing different things, from art related events to go dancing and discovering new restaurants. I'm always up to a new adventure and new friends and connections. New York has amazing touristic spots but there is a lot of local ones you must go and love when you know it. I'm easy going, open minded and respectful.


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