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Acerca de Lourdes

I´m a journalist, a tourism specialist, director of a international tourism blog called placeOK, the tourism blog with "Best Content" in Peru and the third "Most Popular in America & Europe with Best Content" according to FITUR 2015 (one of the main tourism fair in the world). So, nowadays I´m the main "travel influencer" in my country. I work also as a consultant in social projects for one of the most important universities in Peru (PUCP). Thanks to my blog I know a lot of "huariques" -a kind of hidden restaurants- with excellent proposals. In some of them I know also the owners and chefs, so you´re experience would be even better. I also know other types of restaurants in Lima and interesting places, shops, markets, food carts, events and much more. I love walking Lima, I know its streets, monuments, history and traditions,and of course, I know what is the best way to enjoy everything. If you want to know more about me I invite you to visit my blog in www.placeok.com I would appreciate if you folow me on FB:: or by Twitter @place_ok Let´s tour Lima in a different way! Let´s enjoy Lima as never before!


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4 reviews

Nov 2018

Lourdes is the person you need to go to for a seamless plan including associated expenses, and time requirements. I totally recommend her.


May 2016

We spent an enjoyable day with Lula on April 30, 2016. She made it easy for us to have a great experience. Lula picked us up at our hotel, arrived on time, actually early I believe, and we were on our way. Prior to meeting we had a bit of correspondence and gave her pretty much carte blanche to plan the day for us, with the understanding that we arrived at midnight, had a long travel day the day before. We wanted to explore without stressing ourselves and enjoy some good food. We start out walking from our hotel in Miraflores, her telling us about the area, talking about her life, our life, showing us the views and sights, exploring. We had to find an ATM for money, she found one for us, the first didn't work, even though our bank had told us it would, she had a conversation with someone in the Scotiabank and was able to explain the strip on our card wasn't compatible. She proceeded to find another bank for us to try and success. we had money. We wandered some more, stopped at a favourite juice bar of hers, and enjoyed fresh juice made from jungle fruit we hadn't tried before.. After we went on an adventure...riding the express bus, it was faster than taking a taxi to the historic district. Lula showed us the district, explained about the different buildings we were seeing, and then it was time for lunch. We were taken to a restaurant in an area I would never find again. It was owned by I believe an acquaintance or friend of hers...my mind was a bit foggy . We got to experience our first Pisco Sour and Ceviche, as well as two other dishes, all were well done and enjoyed by the three of us. I have to say the Pisco Sour and Ceviche was the best we had while we were in Peru, though we did manage to try a few other variations! Following the leisurely luncheon, I had to get a Sim card and buy time for my cell to use while we were in Peru; Lula was kind enough to take us under her wing and get this sorted out for me, making it a painless experience for someone who speaks only very limited basic Spanish. We wandered and explored for a while longer, it was coming to the end of our day and she brought us to a coffee shop with really good coffee. Her daughter joined us while we chatted and then it was time to head back to the hotel. Lula arranged a taxi for us, rode part of the way back to the hotel with us, there was no need for her to go all the way back, we felt comfortable doing the remainder on our own. She told us how much the taxi was, which in my opinion was incredibly inexpensiver, and then followed up by texting me to ensure we didn't have any issues with the driver, which of course we didn't. This was a perfect introduction to Lima; it made the day effortless for us,when we were really quite tired from our travel day, and we saw a lot without overdoing it. When we came back we were able to find our way around Lima quite easily because of what she had shown us and were able to go back to areas we wanted to spend more time in. I would recommend Lula without hesitiation, her English is good, she knows the city well, and is friendly and she listens. She was a true local friend for us in Lima


Apr 2016

Lula was our amazing guide during our trip to Lima. She showed us all around the City and we saw many of the colorful neighborhoods, museums and historic sites. It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend her.

Patrick Strang

Apr 2016

Lou was our local friend in Lima recently for a group of people that I was traveling with. She was awesome to work with! Prior to the trip she worked with me to create an itinerary and modified the schedule as needed since our travel plans were changing in the weeks prior. She was very knowledgeable of the area, how to get around, and local history. She took us to places and showed us things that we never would have known about or understood if we didn't have her with. Her English is strong and she really connected well with people in the group. It was a great experience working with Lou and I would love to have her as a guide again in the future. If you're coming to Lima I would highly recommend Lou.