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Hola, yo soy Khie

  • Vivir en Portland , EE.UU.
  • Habla Inglés
  • Concierge Friend: 20.0 / hora
  • Amigo virtual: 25.0 / hora

Acerca de

If I were to get a classic description from my friends about how they perceive me, I would be described as a curious and easygoing person who enjoys any company. I both thoroughly love simply existing with a good cup of tea and under a blanket cuddling as well as I would happily go anywhere new to eat something yummy or explore. I have a background in psychology and I'm an empathetic person so I'm comfortable discussing boundaries and difficult topics if my friend needs a shoulder. I'm an active listener and I would not mind exploring communication together, depending on what my friend needs or wants at that moment.


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Local Friend Beginner
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Local Friend Guru


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