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Enjoy the nice Chrome dinosaur game even with Internet


If you have ever been without an Internet connection and use Google's Chrome browser, the most used in the entire planet, you have probably found the famous dinosaur, a pixelated T-Rex.


It is no longer a secret that this dinosaur becomes a minigame when you press the space bar (because you knew it, right?), It will automatically start running and we will have to jump over obstacles on the way using the same bar. Now, what if we want to play while having a connection?


That is, this game only appears when we run out of Internet in Chrome and obviously a solution is to deactivate the connection, but of course, that way we stay totally disconnected for everything. Luckily there are several websites that allow us to play the minigame of the T-Rex dinosaur in Chrome.


Play Chrome's T-Rex with an internet connection


On the one hand we can play it through the website of The Code Post people. The game is exactly the same, we just press space and that's it: https://dinorunner.com/


However, one of the options that we miss the most in the original Chrome game is that once we have restarted the game, the scores are lost and we cannot see a ranking with respect to the rest of the players. This is solved thanks to T-Rex Runner.


Again we are facing exactly the same game, being able to play with an Internet connection, but the difference is that here we find a TOP of the best scores of the players in that week. Yes, I confirm that there are people VERY hooked and the scores are brutal.


Play Chrome's T-Rex Dino from your mobile


If you want to have the simple T-Rex game on your mobile (without removing Internet data), you can also download it from Google Play in the form of an application: https://dinorunner.com/


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Beginner Friend


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