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Hola, yo soy Esther

  • Vivir en Washington, EE.UU.
  • Habla Inglés
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Where to begin! I want to meet new people and gain more perspective in this world. There are so many things that I love: art, movies, games, animals, excitement, serenity. And there's just so much to talk about! I want to be someone you can trust. Someone you can truly talk to without having to wonder if you said the right thing. Just spill everything that you are even if you're not sure if it's all that perfect. That said, I'm also a gal who can just chill. Chat and joke about silly and interesting topics. Though I must warn you, I am a punny person (I adore puns!). I could hardly summarise my nonsensical life in a few paragraphs so I encourage you to speak to me! That way, I'll also get to learn just a little more about you too:) Message me here and I'm sure we'll both make an unforgettable friend^^


Beginner Friend
Beginner Friend


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