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Hola, yo soy Cristine

Consultant, business administration, marketing, small business management and public management, and backpacker on freetime. I was exchange student in Denmark and USA.

  • Vivir en Guarapari, Brasil
  • Habla Portugués, Inglés
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Acerca de

Enthusiastic and optimistic, I am completely in love with my state, this place between RJ and BA, the so unknown Espírito Santo. Born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, land of King Roberto Carlos, I lived in Iriri - Anchieta for 5 years and I'm living in Guarapari for 5 years. In this tupi-guarani land it is possible to delight in the exuberant nature, beautiful beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, rural life bucolic and agitated urban life, coast and mountain range an hour away. Gastronomy, agroindustry, handicrafts, history, culture and a lot of good music, rock, reggae, forró among other rhythms. Here is always having some interesting event. As I lived and visited many of the companies in the region, I can indicate the most suitable places for each taste. Come with me and I’ll introduce you to one of the most beautiful and special places I know!


Arte y fotografía Gastronomia Compras locales Música y vida nocturna Desportes y aire libre Bienestar y naturaleza