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I didn’t used to be an avid traveler, but working in tourism marketing and PR for 10 years has opened up the globe to me a bit, and I’m hooked. My husband and I try to take at least one international trip each year. Newfoundland has been one of our favorites. I’m also very excited to see the Faroe Islands this year. I’m a Portland, OR native and have lived and traveled throughout Oregon my entire life. Personal experience, as well as promoting the Portland Region and surrounding areas has given me opportunities to learn about my home through both locals’ snd travelers’ eyes. I love food, spirits, art (especially illumination art) and can tell you the absolute best places to eat, drink and make memories in the state. I also know most of the hidden gems and quirky spots you won’t find on IG or TikTok. Oh, and I love design, so if you’re hoping for as cool or colorful place as the food or drinks you’re experiencing, I’ve got the curated list for you.


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Local Friend Beginner


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