RafaelRio de Janeiro, Brasil"Hi everyone, I was born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, so I'm a Carioca (if you don't know what that means, i promisse to explain hahaha). I'm ..."
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Hi everyone, I was born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, so I'm a Carioca (if you don't know what that means, i promisse to explain hahaha). I'm 27 and I work as a tour guide, which is my passion. I have studied Tourism at the University and also graduated at the tour guide course. After travelling a little bit around the world I decided that I wanted to show my incredibly beautiful city to everyone. I also work for a North American NGO called Brayce, that gives the oportunity to Brazilians youngsters, that live in favelas, to travel to the USA for an intership that can change lives. I was one of those kids 10 years ago, so I know in first hand how much of a difference that can make to a life.


A few things I usually do when I'm not working:
- Cinemas: I live in the neighbourhood of Botafogo, where there are 7 different movie theaters, so i often go to one of those every month
- Municipal Theater: one of the most incredible historical buildings we have in Downtown Rio. They ofter have Ballet, Operas, Orchestras and I really enjoy going there from time to time
- Tv Show and Games: I'm also a little bit geek, So if the subject is a Tv show or some games, I'll definitely have a lot of conversation too hahahaha
- Night life in Rio: one of the best things of my city is, for sure, the night life. We have many options here, and it's not all about Samba only hahaha. I love exploring new bars, pubs and nightclubs, specially with my friends.
- Museums and cultural centers: here in Rio we have several museums and cultural centers, I always try to keep an eye for the new expositions. I also have one favorite cultural center where we can have an amazing 360º view of the city (believe me, it's really beautiful)
- Food fairs: It's becoming a very popular thing in Rio to have Food fairs every month, sometime even every week of a month. I love exploring the new flavors, incredible sandwiches, nice international dishes, organic ingredients, vegeterian options. Everytime I go to one of those it makes me really happy (C'mon! food makes everyone happy hahaha)


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My main job is working as a Tour Guide, so you can expect me to show nice places, from the most visited ones, to the most unexpected ones (that usually are the ones you are gonna remember the most)

you have the freedom to decide what you want and I'll make sure to do some research so I can come up with a very nice plan, on the budget you decide, for your time here in Rio.

Here are some suggestions:
- Historical tour around Downtown rio: The history of the city is incredible and we can walk through places where History happened, like the Imperial Palace where we had our independence being declared, or the only church in the entire world where we had an European King being crowned in an American land.
- Cultural centers and museums to visit: there are several nice ones we can go to. Dependind on the day you come I'll let you know if there's anything special happening too, like a different exposition.
- Nice places for taking pictures: The city is wonderful and it is this nice mix of a metropolitan city with the nature that makes this incredible. We have hills, waterfalls, rivers, beaches etc.
- Hiking trails: there nice hiking trails we could go for. The one i like the most is the Urca Hill (The hill before the sugar loaf), the view from up hill is awesome. And it's a very easy hike, so it's not only for the experienced ones ;)
- Night life: The night life in rio is magical. We could go for Lapa (the bohemean neighbourhood) or to the south zone (Botafogo, copacabana, ipanema...) there are several nice options of bar, pubs, night clubs for you. We could also go for a very authentic experience at the Northeaster traditions center where you can listen to live Forró and try the amazing Brazilian Northeast cousine.
- The beaches: well, of course. We have Copacabana and Ipanema, the most popular ones, but there are also some beaches that usually only the locals go to and I can definitely show you those.
- Restaurants: Fancy restaurants or underground ones? You decide! I love food so I know very nice places where you can try Authentic food
- Go Shopping: what is it that you like to go shopping for? We can go for the nice shopping centers or to the amazing street fairs.

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