MariaMiami, EUA"I have been living in the United States for over eight years. I moved from Moscow, Russia to South Florida in 2010. Since then I became a successful Project Manager. "
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Passionate to help people grow, expand and explore. I love traveling and never pass a chance to take a road trip.


I am driven by knowledge thus learning languages, reading about technology and arts are my BFFs. What can be better than reading a science fiction book on the beach while sipping an ice-cold craft beer? Only Florida's sunshine!



Inglês, Espanhol, Russo


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A perfect day in Miami is waking up before the sunrise! Get out of bed, do a little yoga stretch and 10 mins mindful meditation. Then have a nutritious breakfast with a cup of aromatic coffee while reading your fav magazine. Feeling it? Jump for a contrast shower. That will get you poppin'! After that head straight to the beach for a nice breezy walk and spectacular photos. From here all roads are yours!


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