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Olá, Eu sou Juliana

  • Mora em Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Fala Português, Inglês, Espanhol, Italiano
  • Dia completo: $180.00 / Meio dia: $90.00

Sobre Juliana

I was born in Buenos Aires and I always lived there. I work at a Travel Care Company and I'm in contact with travellers everyday. I do my best to help them with any trouble they may have during their trips.
I'm studying Tourism at University and I'll get a degree as a professional tour guide soon. As you can imagine, I love travelling, meeting new people and learning as much as I can about different cultures, languages and cities all over the world.


Alimentos e bebidas Arte e Arquitetura Compras Cultura Local Espanhol Esportes Fotografia História Inglês Italiano Natureza Português
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1 comentários

Aug 2015

We spend a really great day with Juliana in BA! Started mailing each other a few month before our visit, and came to an interesting program for our day to spend. Kept contact via WhatsApp whilst in Argentina before to set the last details. Juliana is very responsive and accurate. She was also very flixible during our trip. Brought lovely sweets for us, and even pays transportation during the day. Loved BA, but Juliana especially made it an unforgettable experience for the both of us. Thanks a million Juliana! Paul and Timon the Netherlands

Paul Niehe