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SobreTravel is my passion! I love to travel abroad, but i also like to travel in my own city. How is that? I try to see every day beauty with suprising and refreshing eyes, as if I were seeing it for the first time, like a tourist. That's why i write a travel blog called Nós no Mundo: . “Nós no Mundo” is a brazilian word that means we want to explore the world.
ProfissãoTravel blogger
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Últimos comentários sobre Anna

Anna, my Brasilia local friend, was such an amazing host! I felt welcomed throughout my time there, and am so grateful that I got the chance to know her. I gave her an idea of some basic things that I would love to see in Brasilia and she crafted a schedule complete with a local food-truck experience.

We headed to Sarak Kubitschek Park for some local food and beer, then off to the Radio Tower for a panoramic view of Brasilia. Anna also took me to Brasilia's iconic structures and monuments, a vision come true by architect Oscar Niemeyer, but she also showed me the lesser known areas of the city such as typical residential buildings with the recognizable cobogo design. My highlight was the Itamaraty Palace, which houses the equivalent of the Foreign Affairs wing of Brazil. From the outside, the building is stark with its modernist touches but once inside, Amazonian gardens and art from contemporary artists hide within.

Anna was able to share with me a slice of Brasilia that I didn't thought was possible. She's extremely friendly and accommodating, a world traveler with an interest in learning from other people's culture and also in sharing the beauty of her city. I would recommend her to anyone looking to visit Brasilia. This was my first rent a local friend experience and she certainly made it all worth it.

Olivia Chen

Anna was sick the day I arrived to Brasilia but she managed to let her friend Nadia to accompany me for the afternoon. Nadia was so nice and friendly, and she drove a car to show me the jk bridge and some nice bars around the lake where the first time that I tasted caipirinha and acai! The place was awesome! I like it very much! We become really friends afterwards! Thanks, Nadia!

Tang Han