A cheap and fast coffee in the tourist center of Santiago

Local Friend: Ignacio

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  • Santiago
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About Ignacio

I'm currently studying at University. I like to walk around the city in the search for the most freak places and attractions. We can enjoy a great evening at the cinema or listening to live music. I also like going out to be in contact with nature. There are many outdoors activities around Santiago we can do. I'm from Iquique in northern Chile, so I can give you great tips if you want to visit the North. I also know lots of my country's history, and can talk to you about it as we visit historical places.

About Caprioli

Caprioli Cafe is one of the cheapest places to eat during a walk in the Mall Costanera Center, located in the center of Santiago next to the Mapocho River. A coffee next to a cake can cost less than $ 5, and after 9 pm, everything costs half the price. I recommend the pizzas with basil, very good for when you are in a hurry.