Widow Jane Distillery in Red Hook is great if you love tastings!

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Founder and CEO of Behind the Scenes NYC! Brazilian and in love with New York! Behind the Scenes NYC (BTSNYC) is a collection of tips of NYC, away from the touristy places. After all, the best part of a trip is "uncovering" the cool spots that only locals know about! We just love exploring the city! NYC has amazing suppliers of all kinds, for all pockets/budgets and far away from the touristy, crowded commonly visited places! Take a look at our Social Medias: Instagram: @BehindTheScenesNYC Twitter: @BehindScenesNYC Facebook: /BehindTheScenesNYC YouTube: /BehindTheScenesNYC ** IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK DATES, BEFORE AUTOMATICALLY BOOKING THROUGH RENT A LOCAL FRIEND! **

About Widow Jane Distillery

Founded by Daniel Preston, Widow Jane Distillery in Red Hook was created based on the love and appreciation for whiskey his grandfather had. He produces the only US whiskey that is totally GMO free throughout the entire process. From “the enzymes used in the fermentation to the grains used in the mash.” They have fantastic tours and tastings, that are a great option for a weekend activity!