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Hola, yo soy Raul

  • Vivir en Florianopolis, Brasil
  • Habla Portugués, Inglés, Español
  • Amigo virtual: U$ 40 / hora

Acerca de

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I have always harnessed a passion for traveling to new places and meeting new people. While pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at the age of 19, I was offered and accepted an internship in the United States, which was my first experience living abroad. I enjoyed this experience so much that, two months after returning to Brazil, I started working with educational and work experience programs for national and international students. During and shortly after my university graduation I also lived in other places including England and Spain, and participated in shorter exchange programs in other countries like Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. In 2004, after spending one year in England, I decided to move back to Brazil and continue working in the study abroad industry, specifically focusing on inbound programs for international students interested in Brazil. Although I had family and friends in São Paulo, I didn't think that the city was the best option for myself at that moment and for the work I was looking for. Florianópolis had always been an option and I thought that that was the perfect time to try it. Time lapse: Got here. Found a house. Found a job. Made new friends. Missed old friends. Made more new friends. Improved my surfing skills. Found a new house. Met a girl. Had my parents living with me for a while. My parents went back to São Paulo. Moved to my 3rd house in Florianópolis. Started my own business. Signed the 4th house rental contract. Was nearly made bankrupt. Got back on my feet. Got engaged. Had my first experience as a teacher (loved it). Moved to my current house (this time for good). Got married. Surfing skills got worse. Started studying Law. Surfing skills?? Surfing? And here we are. It goes without saying that I have fallen in love with Florianópolis and its people. I have enjoyed the most of every single day I had here so far and came across several amazing places and people that I would be more than glad to share with new friends.

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