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Hola, yo soy Lucas

  • Vivir en Brasilia, Brasil
  • Habla Portugués, Inglés, Español
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My life is quite simple, being a student and teacher, which is the most fullfilling activities I could dream of. I'm currently studing Economics at University of Brasilia (UnB), the city I was born and have lived most of my life. I've said most of my life because I've also lived in other cities(my parents are in the Navy, so lots of changes), and I want to live in many more. My passion about travelling and cultural curiosity maybe comes from this upbringing in a environment where we constantly face new people and cultures. In Brasilia, I love to explore the beautiful nature (lots of parks!) and the excinting night life, specially the dance scene( my true passion) and other cultural events( I really enjoy spending time at the Cultural Center Banco do Brasil)



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