Traditional villages around Sibiu

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About Iuliana

I am a person with a huge curiosity. I am always planning my next trip and therefore I know exactly what people are looking for during their travels. Professionally, I graduated from the faculty of architecture in Bucharest. I defended my Ph.D. in cultural tourism within historic centers and I also hold a degree in travel journalism and one as a tour guide. I have researched and know lots of hidden places in Sibiu (my hometown) and its surroundings. I have found these places during my PhD research or while exploring the town's surroundings with my friends. I would like to share with you all my local knowledge and make your trip to Sibiu/ Romania one of the best experiences of your life. Welcome!

About Traditional villages around Sibiu

Full-day road trip (~ 6h) through the villages in the surroundings of Sibiu. You will understand which is the difference between the Romanian villages sitting at the foot of the mountains and the Saxon villages built in the region in great number during the Middle Ages. You will better understand the historical context and why the Saxons settled in the region 800 years ago.