Nashville Slavery to Freedom Walking Tour

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Tour Overview: Explore African American Culture with a passionate, energetic guide on a 1.5 miles, unconventional outdoor walking tour through one of Nashville’s most popular downtown neighborhoods. Hear the missing chapters in the story of Nashville that include juicy untold stories about music and culture. Capture unforgettable images of unique attractions of the city's cultural treasures and conversation pieces. Any tour in the Music City, especially with friends and family, wouldn’t be complete without experiencing this up-close glimpse of local culture on the "Tour of African American Culture (TAAC)." The tour will continue rain or shine. Highlights ● Hear stories about the Civil Rights Movement as we visit stops on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. ● See rare and unique attractions that make for the best photo ops. ● Taste the flavor of authentic southern food at our last stop (optional). ● Smell the aroma of sauteed vegetables at local restaurants along the way. ● Touch the original stools were brave people sit during the Civil Rights protests ● Experience a fun “behind-the-scenes” take on the story of the Music City with an “off-the-beaten-path” approach.

About Nashville Slavery to Freedom Walking Tour

Full Description​:  We’re going to show you Nashville like you’ve never seen it before. Join in on a ​Nashville walking tour  and hear fascinating stories about where slaves lived, who they were, and the work that they did. As  Nashville grew, the city became the second-largest slave port in Tennessee with the majority of black  people arriving via the transatlantic slave trade.  First, you will learn about black history on Lower Broadway, the most visited street in Nashville.  Then, United Street Tours will take you on a scenic walk alongside the peaceful Riverfront Park,  where slaves traveled via the Cumberland River into a life of bondage and later freedom. Visit Fort  Nashborough, an outdoor museum, and replica of the original Nashville settlement of the 1700s.  Enter the Public Square, where an enslaved man owned his own tavern and entertained Nashville’s  elite. In one hour, you’ll experience a side of the Music City that has, until recently, remained hidden.  By taking this tour, you are supporting local inclusion efforts by raising awareness about stories of  diversity in Nashville.   Book now to secure your spot. Tickets tend to sell out during high season Highlights  ● Experience Nashville through a historical lens  ● Visit locations significant in the city's history of slaves and the slave trade  ● Walk along the most visited street in Nashville   ● Visit the Fort Nashborough outdoor museum    Additional Information / What to Expect​:  ● Tour must be booked at least 24 hours in advance  ● Tour will continue rain or shine  ● Tour length is flexible depending on walking speed, questions, and any other factors  Inclusion  ● Live guide  ● Entrance fees (if applicable)    Exclusions  ● Gratuities (optional)  ● Pickup and drop-off  Company Overview  United Street Tours is a Nashville walking tour company that showcases the lesser-known stories of  the Music City. Unlike most Nashville walking tour companies, we show you the hidden culture that  many residents and visitors don't know exists. Our tours are beautiful, gritty, controversial, and  always full of diversity.  Meta Description:  Nashville walking tour bringing to life genuine African American history and culture with Chakita  Patterson. Beautiful, gritty, controversial, and full of diversity.  Direct booking only at