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About Keep your eyes wide open in Buenos Aires

In the city of Buenos Aires, like in any other big city, tourist must take some security habits. Here are some suggestion made by the Police Department for your stay in Buenos Aires:<br><br>- Be aware all the time of your purses. In restaurants do not leave them unattended in empty chairs. While walking, put in in front of you around your arms.<br>- On the subway pay attention to purses and wallets, try to avoid rush hours (8am-9am / 5pm-7pm) because every train is packed with people. Pick pocketers might be in them.<br>- Avoid walking through lonely streets, specially at night.<br>- In Downtown (Microcentro), San Telmo and La Boca, don’t remain with your camera out more than enough to take the picture.<br>- Don’t change your currency with taxi drivers (they might cheat you). Try always to carry Argentinean Pesos instead of american dollars, there have been cases where taxi drivers give false money in exchange.<br>- It is convenient that passports and other value objects be kept in the hotel’s safe box. It is recommended not to take your passport while walking in the city (bring always a photocopy)<br><br>The Tourist Police attends complaints in cases of crime, robberies, thefts and losses. They speak in English, Italian, French, Português, Ucranian and Japanese.<br><br>In case of medical emergency:<br>Emergency ambulance service<br>Call SAME dialing 107. It’s a free service.<br>Public hospitals receives tourists and they are open 24/7 for any type of medical emergency. The medical attention is also for free.