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  • Buenos Aires

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About Pizzeria Las Cuartetas

In the city of Buenos Aires there are several places which claims to make the best pizza. I must recognize, a lot of them lie!. There is one type of traditional pizza here, a thick pizza. (when we talk about pizza forget what you have experienced in Domino’s, in Italy or anywhere).<br><br>Las Cuartetas is very well located in the heart of Microcentro. Inside is divided by two rooms. The back one is to sit and be served by a waiter. And the front one is for ordering, getting the food and then sitting. The waiter’s service is not so good so my advice is to do the second option. Order and pay to the man behind the cash machine, and get the ticket to the pizza man next to the oven.<br><br>Muzzarella (tomato sauce and cheese) is made for heaven, Fugazzetta (Onion and cheese) and Napolitana (Tomato sauce, onion, tomato slice and spices) are alright. For a truly local flavor dish you should add a slice of “Faina” (cooked smashed chickpeas) on the pizza. (tell the pizza man to heat up the faina)<br><br>The best spots to eat this traditional pizza are: Las Cuartetas, Guerrín, Banchero and La Mezzetta. Each pizza place has its own very best and we certainly agree with all of them.