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Local Friend: Gustavo

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  • Montevideo

About Gustavo

A kind, caring, peaceful and naturalist boy who loves to discover new places and meeting people different cultures. I usually host people at home all over the world, so I'm always ready to help in any way I can and to learn something of each single person. I have a wide and diverse set of interests, and I love to make trips around the city, organizing events, share long conversations and being up for new challenges and experiences.

About El Hacha Tango Bar & Restaurant

The Bar and Restaurant El Hacha (The Axe) is the oldest in Uruguay. Born as a General Store, along with the founding of the city, it was known for many years as the General Store of Juan Vázquez. On April 15, 1794, he named it after an infamous crime of the time, known eversince as EL HACHA (The Axe); and eventually it became the most traditional Bar of Montevideo.