Telecommunication Tower and Old Train Station

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  • Montevideo

About Gustavo

A kind, caring, peaceful and naturalist boy who loves to discover new places and meeting people different cultures. I usually host people at home all over the world, so I'm always ready to help in any way I can and to learn something of each single person. I have a wide and diverse set of interests, and I love to make trips around the city, organizing events, share long conversations and being up for new challenges and experiences.

About Telecommunication Tower and Old Train Station

The 160 meters high Tower of modern aesthetics, along with four other buildings serve as headquarters for the public telecommunications company ANTEL. Within the complex, there is a tourist lookout, which is accessed through a panoramic elevator. There is also an interior public plaza, a 370 person auditorium, and the Museum of Telecommunications, which travels, the beginnings, the telephony <br>history. Nearby is the Old Central Railway Station “General Artigas” built in the 1890s. 5 blocks north is the new station, suited to the aesthetics of its neighbor, the Telecommunication Tower.<br>