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About Gustavo

A kind, caring, peaceful and naturalist boy who loves to discover new places and meeting people different cultures. I usually host people at home all over the world, so I'm always ready to help in any way I can and to learn something of each single person. I have a wide and diverse set of interests, and I love to make trips around the city, organizing events, share long conversations and being up for new challenges and experiences.

About Montevideo Hill

The Cerro (hill) has a height of 135 meters. At its summit is the Fortaleza General Artigas, its construction was complete in 1811, and it was the protagonist of important moments in the country’s history. It shelters a military museum and a historic lighthouse, the first in the Rio de la Plata. Down the hill you can find Vaz Ferreira park, the “rambla” and the beach, spots you cannot miss at the Hill´s Ville. It has a panoramic view of Montevideo’s bay.<br>It´s the best point of view of our amazing city.