Hamburgers with a touch of Colombia's flavour

Local Friend: Diana

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  • Bogotá
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About Diana

I'm a lawyer from Pasto (a city close to Ecuador) who has been living in Bogotá since 1998 and who loves this city for all the things it has to offer. I like to travel and meet new cultures so I think I have an idea of what a traveler wants when he/she goes somewhere and that's what I'd like to offer, experiences, to see the city like if you live there but without losing the capacity to amaze yourself. I consider myself friendly, patient, easy going and being the first local friend in Bogotá has giving me the opportunity to meet great people whom I consider my friends and I even have had the chance to meet some of them at their countries, pretty cool uh?

About Fast food

If you like fast food with a local touch of the place you are visiting, Bogotá has been specializing in delicious and different kind of hamburguers: El Corral, Home burgers, Sierra Nevada, la Burguesería... I'd recomend you to try "El Corral Gourmet" in La Candelaria, with a terrace with a good view of the historic center.