Flea market and fun

Local Friend: Diana

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  • Bogotá
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About Diana

I'm a lawyer from Pasto (a city close to Ecuador) who has been living in Bogotá since 1998 and who loves this city for all the things it has to offer. I like to travel and meet new cultures so I think I have an idea of what a traveler wants when he/she goes somewhere and that's what I'd like to offer, experiences, to see the city like if you live there but without losing the capacity to amaze yourself. I consider myself friendly, patient, easy going and being the first local friend in Bogotá has giving me the opportunity to meet great people whom I consider my friends and I even have had the chance to meet some of them at their countries, pretty cool uh?

About Mercado de las pulgas

Like most flea markets around the world, craftsmans and entrepeneurs meet here to sell things you would only find there: from food and exotic fruits to clothes, art, antiques... The market at this part of the city is the "high class" one, so the prices won't be cheap - but not expensive either. As you walk around, you'll see street musicians, vendors, storytellers etc, so it's all an experience.