Flea Market with great finds

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About Gisele

Buenos Aires became my home from the very first beginning.The city is perfect for walking and for those who like architecture, gastronomy, literature and tango. I'm constantly discovering new places and corners even after all these years. The Argentinean capital is an inspiring city for all types of travelers. You are invited to see my personal blog (in Portuguese): Aquimequedo.com.br

About Flea Market - Mercado de Pulgas

Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego' comprises of 160 stores, set in a large, covered warehouse, and it is a great place to discover unique finds. Antiques, art, and household objects are all displayed in a beautifully disorderly manner here. The market, which opened approximately 25 years ago, is one of the largest in South America, and you'll also find interesting urban art in the surrounding area.