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She did not understand that the young lady had come back to ask the old lady for help? Why did you quarrel with the old lady? Xiao Hong looked at Zhang Chu foolishly, but she remembered the young lady's words to protect her wife, so she did not leave Roche. Mother, you can rest assured that there is a daughter in everything. After Zhang Chu said this, she took out the bell in the pearl handbag and aimed it directly at the nearest woman. All the people in the room were frightened. The woman, who was closest to Qiangkou, kept shaking her legs. She could hardly stand and collapsed on the ground. Deng Shi looked, more and more felt that he was wiped by Zhang Chu face, livid face way, "all catch her for me, I would like to see if she has the courage to open the door.". Anyone who is afraid of death and doesn't listen to my wife will get out of the Zhang family tomorrow. Did not think of this dead wench to go out a few years to still grow skill, take a gun to her unexpectedly? She didn't believe that a man who didn't even dare to kill a chicken now dared to kill someone? Moreover, if today can not subdue this unfilial thing, is not to let their mother and daughter ride on the head? No way, Roche, the God of pestilence, will never have a good life. The maids carefully gathered around Zhang Chu, afraid of death, afraid of Deng Shi, suffering unspeakably. Zhang Chu slowly pulled the wrench, and with a bang, the woman nearest to Deng fell to the ground, not dead, but the leg was not saved. It was Deng's closest old dog, who had several lives under his hands, and the original body and Luo Shi had suffered a lot from her. This kind of person, even if he dies,iron nail machine, is also doing harm to the people. Grandmother, don't frighten your granddaughter. If not, what can I do if my hand shakes and hurts you? Zhang Chu slowly aimed his mouth at Deng Shi and smiled. Deng was so frightened that she sat back on the chair. After a while, a foul smell came, but it turned out that she was scared to pee her pants. The person in front of her is not her cowardly granddaughter, but a monster, a demon. Grandmother, your granddaughter is tired. Can you go back to the room to rest first? As soon as Zhang Chu Yingying worshipped, her movements were standard and graceful, but the more she did,wire nail machine manufacturers, the more afraid Deng was. How can a normal person kill with a smile? Zhang Chu and Xiao Hong, one left and one right, helped Luo back to the room, and Luo was also frightened by Zhang Chu's hand. He was always stupefied and did not recover. Zhang Chu sat on one side in silence, not making a sound to disturb Roche, but giving her time to think and accept slowly. Sister Chuchu, you were really awesome just now. You are the villain of the villains. Xiao Xiao waved the flag and shouted in the side, a dog's leg style. It seems that you have read a lot of novels in your last life. Zhang Chu laughed. In her last life, when she was old, online novels were popular, and Xiao Xiao was obsessed with them. Basically, she had read all the novels on the Internet. Xiao Xiao, regardless of Zhang Chu's teasing, kept preaching how powerful she was over there. As for Zhang Chu, she held her chin and thought that she really looked like a villain, but the effect was quite good. Chuchu, Niang is not good, Niang is sorry for you, let you suffer a great crime. When Luo Shi came to his senses, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he hugged his daughter and cried. If the daughter had not suffered a lot, how could she have become like this. Luo is not afraid of her daughter's deterioration, nor does she feel that her daughter has any unfilial piety, she just loves her daughter, loves her daughter in the place she did not see, suffered a lot. Mother, you can rest assured, the daughter feels very good now, can protect oneself already, also can protect you. Zhang Chu gently coaxed Luo Shi Dao. Such a mother who loves her daughter as much as her life, when she knows that she committed suicide, how heartache and how desperate she is? Kind-hearted people should not be teased by fate. Leave Luo had not seen her daughter for many years, and her heart ached. At this time, her daughter was in front of her, and she squinted greedily. Fortunately, although her daughter has suffered and changed her temperament, she looks more energetic than before. Mom, when you get out of the house, I'll get you a pair of glasses, and then you can see the spots on your daughter's body clearly. Zhang Chu put his face in front of Luo Shi and let her see enough. Deng Shi is a vicious, in previous years when the original body is still in the house, often let Luo Shi kneel to pick up Buddha beans, in addition, she is wearing, inside and outside are also Luo Shi stitch by stitch. Except for the clothes made by Roche, she didn't wear anything. Over the years, how can Roche's eyes not be bad? "Well, well, mother will listen to you in the future.". Mom will go wherever you go, Chuchu, mom misses you, mom misses you so much, but mom can't even get out of Zhang's yard. Mom begged your grandmother, begged your father, but they wouldn't take me to see you. Chuchu, mom has made you suffer. Luo Shi lovingly stroked Zhang Chu's face and wept. She really misses her daughter too much. She is not afraid of anything. She is afraid that she will die and can't see her daughter for the last time. Now her daughter wants to take her away, she is very happy, happy to see her daughter every day, happy to take care of her daughter. She is not afraid of hardship, nor tired, not afraid of death, she is afraid not to see her daughter. Rao is Zhang Chu, who has experienced several generations, listened to her words, but also shed tears. She looked at Roche's graying hair and thin body, and her eyes kept turning sour. Mom, you can rest assured that our mother and daughter will never be separated again. Zhang Chu promised. Luo Shi's health is very poor, even if she has excellent medical skills, she will have to be raised for several years. Apart from her almost exhausted body, her cervical vertebra, spine, lumbar vertebra and kneecap were severely deformed, and when she got older, she would surely collapse in bed with pain. This is not a home, this is clearly a prison of torture. A good person, even living is so difficult, not only the body is tortured, but also the soul is suffering. Once again, Zhang Chu was glad that he had brought his hands with him. If not, he would have to waste time at Zhang's house. Chuchu,Nail machine manufacturer, mom hasn't asked you yet. Why are you back? Is that Chen yuanan sorry for you? Luo Shi cried bitterly for a while, and his mood calmed down a little, and then he asked carefully. 3shardware.com


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