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"At that time the situation of the Luo family was really not optimistic and the woman and Luo Chong showed great means promising a lot of things so that the whole clan from top to bottom was excited thinking that they saw the hope of re-emergence" Lu Boya looked complicated "At that time your mother and uncle were young and had no ability to stop all this I was investigating the disappearance of your grandfather When I rushed back to Luo's house Luo Chong had already taken over the power of the patriarch as a matter of course" Lin Xun Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals also sighed in his heart what is the difference between the practice of these old people in the main vein of the Luo family and asking a tiger for its skin "But even if I was there at that time I'm afraid I couldn't stop it because I promised your great-grandfather that I would never interfere in the internal affairs of the Luo family" Lu Boya laughed at himself "This may be called a cocoon even I did not expect that your great-grandfather would suddenly suffer but also did not expect that the Luo family would become so chaotic and unbearable" "Mr Lu" said Lin "at least you helped my mother and uncle escape from the Luo family That's enough" Worried that Lu Boya would blame himself again he immediately changed the subject and said "It's just that after Luo Chong became the patriarch it doesn't seem to have changed the fate of the Luo family being expelled from the seventh heaven Could it be that the woman changed her mind" Lu Boya gave a sneer "It was also not long after I returned to the Eternal Realm a few years ago that I found out the news Not long after Luo Chong succeeded to the position of patriarch at the instigation of that woman he immediately overturned all the previous guarantees and ordered all the old people in the main vein of the Luo family to be suppressed and imprisoned The other people in the main vein of the Luo family were also implicated One by one they were in a bad situation just like prisoners under the steps" "Later I learned that the purpose of the woman and Luo Chong's marriage and supporting him as the patriarch was for the sake of the secret land of heaven the sword of creation and the coffin of eternity left by your great-grandfather!" "But you also know that these three treasures were all taken away by me and your mother and uncle so that the woman's wishful thinking failed how can you sincerely go to help the Luo family stand firm in the seventh heaven" After hearing this Lin Xun thoroughly understood and could not help sneering "I'm afraid those Luo family people didn't expect that the woman who slept with their patriarch had hidden evil intentions from the very beginning right" This is called asking a tiger for its skin and bringing it on itself! The voice was full of undisguised sarcasm Chapter 2643 the cause and effect of the summer solstice "Does Mr Deer know who that woman is" Lin Xun couldn't help asking After a little thought he knew that there was little hope for Luo Chong and the branch clansmen to usurp the power of the patriarch The key lies in this unknown woman! Facts have also proved that this woman harbors evil intentions from the very beginning whether she is married to Luo Chong or supports Luo Chong to hold the power of the head of the clan She claimed that her name was Pei Ru which was obviously a false name In the eternal real world there was no immortal emperor surnamed Pei Lu Boya said "After years of investigation this woman" It is most likely related to the royal family in the eighth heaven The Wangs! Lin Xun couldn't help thinking of one thing in his mind At that time outside the relics of the gods Martial Uncle Kong Jue was hit by a sudden attack of a sword and the fourth Elder Martial Brother Ling Xuanzi was also killed by the terrible sword It was also at that time that Lin Xun who was so angry that he was about to go mad GlobalChemMall remembered the origin of the sword The Wangs! The first immortal giant in the eighth heaven! The sword of cutting the way! At that time Lin Xun had vowed that if he could survive sooner or later he would return ten times and a hundred times The Wangs Lin Xun's black eyes were cold "It seems that even if my great-grandfather was in trouble they never gave up the idea of taking my great-grandfather's relics" At the gate of Eternity the Lord of Heaven was surrounded by the ten immortal giants from the eighth heaven and had to choose to fight desperately These scenes are still imprinted in Lin Xun's mind How can he forget them But now the Wang family's tentacles have penetrated into the Luo family to seize the secret of heaven the eternal coffin the sword of creation and other treasures so that Lin Xun can not help but kill the surge Should be so these years the woman named Pei Ru has been staying in the Luo family there is no doubt that she must have known that the secret of heaven and other treasures were obtained by you Lubo Cliff Road "How can Luo Chong tolerate a woman like her who doesn't keep her word and harbors evil intentions" Lin Xun couldn't help being surprised Lu Boya sneered and said "Luo Chong's position as patriarch is based on the power of this woman How Material Chemicals could Luo Chong have the courage to fall out" As far as I know there are still many people in the branch of the Luo family who have fantasies about when to catch you and your mother back As long as Pei Ru gets what he wants he can use Pei Ru's power to change the precarious situation of the Luo family Lin Xun almost couldn't believe his ears "The treasures such as the Secret Land of Heaven were all left by my great-grandfather They were the treasures of the Luo family They had the heart to give them to that woman" Lu Boya sighed lightly "In their opinion that is the treasure that your great-grandfather left to the main vein of the Luo family Even if you are not willing to give up as long as you can get Pei Ru's help you can go all out" Lin Xun's face was gloomy "No wonder over the years they would go after the ancient starry path so madly!" "So when you go to the Luo family this time you should be careful of this woman I suspect that she is not only to seize the treasures such as the secret land of heaven but also to seize your blood" Lu Boya reminded Lin Xun nodded his head Lu Boya on the other hand looked at the Eternal Coffin not far away and said "This treasure was obtained by your great-grandfather from the Ruins of Creation It is extremely mysterious It was also from this treasure that your great-grandfather had the gift of swallowing the sky Now that you have the power to control it I can safely give it to you" Lin Xun was stunned for a moment and said "Mr Lu what on earth is hidden in this eternal coffin" Lu Boya said "Your great-grandfather once said that this thing is related to the way of eternity It is also from this thing that your great-grandfather found the secret map of the way to the eternal star As for what secret it hides only you can explore it yourself" After a pause he continued "However according to your great-grandfather's instructions it's better not to open this coffin before you embark on the path of immortality That's why I stopped you from opening this coffin before" 。 globalchemmall.com