SoniaGran Canaria, Spain"From a multicultural background with indian routes, born in Singapore and raised in Spain, I´ve been living in the paradisiac Canary Islands, specifically, Gran Canaria, since I was 4. Even ..."



From a multicultural background with indian routes, born in Singapore and raised in Spain, I´ve been living in the paradisiac Canary Islands, specifically, Gran Canaria, since I was 4. Even after all these years, the islands still surprise me with its amazing sunsets, landscapes, beaches and so much more. I love all kind of activities related with nature, sports, sightseeing, gastronomy (my favorite) and most of all, releasing stress and chillaxing in good company. I enjoy being with my close friends and also meeting new people, specially from different cultural backgrounds as I absolutely love learning new things. I work as a freelance Life Coach which is my passion, as I get great Joy understanding and helping others to help themselves. As I was studing abroad for a couple of years, I got to know lots of friends from different countries and, as I live in these islands where the weather is warm all year long, I have got friends visiting me all the time!!! I love it!! its almost a hobbie! "visiting Gran Canaria with my friends". The most amazing experience for most of them is being able to sunbath on a beach full of people even a 25th of december!! How cool is that? With a mass tourism growth in the Islands in recent years, there are lots of tourists friendly places, that you might want to visit. However, you will be missing out what the majority of the resident population lives. There are so many villages with its own unique culture, history, anecdotes, gastronomy and magic that makes the islands a beautiful place to live and of course, to visit.As you can imagine by now, I absolutely love my islands and I can show your every single corner I know. I love good food, that which is authentic and made with love. Therefore I have my special and favorite places to dine, where, of course, I will be delighted to take you. I also like shopping so I know about places where u can get branded stuff, coommercial áreas and also local, artesanal places where you can get stuff made in the Canary Islands for first hand. If you still want to know more about me, let me tell you that my close friends describe me as friendly, playfull, fun, cheerful, good listener, entrataining, exppresive, orderly, inspiring, accomdating and.... a bit crazy. I totally agree with them of course! (except for the "bit crazy" one... I am VERY crazy! lol)


- Learning new things
- Reading
- Surfing on the net
- Going to the beach
- Chilling out with friends
- Eating good food
- Hicking, swimming, yoga, running..
- Being in nature
- Visiting Gran Canaria with my friends!




English, Spanish


  • Nature
  • Photography
  • History
  • Shopping
  • Family and Kids
  • Food and Drinks
  • Local Culture
  • Sports
  • Art and Architecture

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Local experience

I've been living here since I was 4 and as I love exploring different places all the time, I have had the opportunity to visit nearly every corner of Gran Canaria, every local festivity, street market, best restaurants and much more.

Due to my previous work i had to travel all around the 7 islands visiting clients and making them visit different places. Each island has its own treasure and own theme. So say for example, you want to lay and do nothing but get as tanned as posible while surrounded of beautiful beaches , Fuerteventura is your island. If you want beautifull landscapes, hicking and enjoy the beauty of the sky and stars, La Palma is your island. Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the two main capitals of the Islands, so these are the most Cosmopolitan and at the same time, unique and original. However, whatever island you decide to visit, depending on my availability I will show you the best places of the islands, apart from the ones that appear on “google images” ;)

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