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Bie Wu lived in Gan's home for two years, and gradually he saw the actions of Gan's father and son. He guessed that he must not be a serious businessman: he often used words to set up Gan Lianzhu beside his pillow. Gan Lianzhu only gave a vague promise and interrupted with some irrelevant words. Gui Wu knew in his heart that when he was young, he had been involved in a robbery case, which had put him in prison, made his mother angry, and wiped out the family property. Every time he thought about it, it was not cold but frightening! How can you not be afraid of being the son-in-law of such a suspicious-looking family? On this day, Gui Wu was bored sitting at home, so he wandered outside alone, picked up the tall mountains nearby, and climbed up. I want to open my mind and stand on the top of the mountain. The back operator looks into the distance. Suddenly someone clapped him on the shoulder from behind, but he was startled because he didn't hear the sound of footsteps! He quickly looked back and saw a white-haired old man with an amazing look, with a big eagle on one shoulder and a big smile behind him. Bie Wu was also a man of great ability, and he knew at the first sight that the old man was a strange man. Hurriedly turned around and saluted, saying, "Where did Laozhang come from?"? Pat the boy on the shoulder. What can I do for you? The old man with two eagles on his shoulders did not stay to say that the viewers all knew that he was Lv Xuanliang, the Golden Arhat. Lu Xuanliang looked at Gui Wu and said with a smile, "Do you like being a robber?" "Don't be displeased," I said. "Although you are poor,347 stainless steel, how dare you do something that humiliates your ancestors? Why does Laozhang teach so much? Lu Xuanliang added with a smile, "Since you don't like to be a robber, how can you live in a robber's nest?" Bie Wu couldn't help but jump up in his heart. He knelt on his knees and kowtowed to the ground, saying, "Laozhang has to save the boy's life!"! The boy's father-in-law's ability is far superior to the boy's. Now that the boy has peeped into his behavior, he is determined not to let the boy and his wife go. Lu Xuanliang waved his hand to Guiwu and said, "Idiot!"! Aren't you going to discuss it with your wife? Bie Wu Lue lowered his head to think,x60 line pipe, suddenly felt a flash in front of his eyes, looked up and no one was there. Urgent to look around, that some son trace? The swordsman who knew the depth of kungfu had the ability to escape. He regretted that he had not asked for his name and had to go down the mountain. He thought about how to say the words with Gan Lianzhu. After walking about ten paces, he saw his father-in-law coming up to him. His heart jumped again, and he suspected that his father-in-law had heard him. He was so frightened that he stood still and did not dare to move. I saw the sweet tumor and asked where it came from. It is not the air that has been recognized. Just put down this heart, calmly answered, and returned home. When everyone was asleep in the middle of the night, Gui Wu gently said to Gan Lianzhu that he had been tired of being stolen and was afraid. When Gan Lianzhu first heard it, he was surprised to change color. After a long pause, he asked, "What are you going to do since you are afraid?" "Can you run away with me?" Gui Wu asked. Ba Lianzhu hurriedly covered his other mouth and said, "Don't make such a dream!"! Can you get out of this house with my skill? In my opinion, you needn't be afraid, and you don't expect to drag you down! But since you have this design to keep you here by force, uns s32750 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, your heart is always uneasy; and when your heart is uneasy, my house is even more uneasy; naturally it is better to go away! If I marry you, what else can I say? As the saying goes: marry the chicken with the chicken, according to the dog with the dog: needless to say, I have to go with you! "But there is no escape: no matter where you go, you can't get away!" "My father and brother must leave tomorrow, and it will be ten days and a half months before they come back.". When they are gone, go and say to your grandmother, 'My age. I will be thirty years old in the twinkling of an eye. I can't get married and start a career, and I depend on my father-in-law's family all the year round. Although my grandmother and my father-in-law's mother-in-law look at me with green eyes and never treat me as an outsider, I still feel uneasy when I sit and eat all the year round! And I remember how rich the inheritance I inherited from my late parents when they died. In a few years, I have become destitute. If I continue to follow the old ways and do not work hard to get married and establish a career, how can I live up to my dead father and mother in their grave! So he decided to come to pay his respects to his grandmother and his two mothers-in-law and go out to find another career! "That's what you said to the bared mother. If the bared mother answered, we'll discuss it again." Gui Wu listened and thought so. The next morning, Ganliuziguo took Gansheng out. Gui Wu took advantage of this opportunity to pay his respects to Gan Ermu. What Gan Lianzhu said last night, he said the same thing. As he spoke, he touched his heart and tears came to his eyes. Twenty-three Mu, never hesitating, nodded and replied, "It is very admirable for a man to be determined."! If you want to go, your wife should go with you, so that you won't be outside and worried about here, and can't concentrate on seeking fame. It just depends on when you plan to leave, and I'll come to give you a farewell dinner. Bie Wu was delighted and answered casually, "I don't deserve it!"! I'm going to leave tomorrow. Gan Ermu laughed and said yes. Don't Wu back out, will speak when the situation, one by one to Gan Lianzhu said. When Gan Lianzhu heard this, he turned pale with fright and said, "What's the matter?" "Didn't Grandmother give permission?" Gui Wu asked? What else can't be done? Ba Lianzhu sighed, "Where do you know my family law?"! When you go to talk to your mother, if your mother is angry and scolds you to get out, it's all right! Now the old man says he wants to give a farewell dinner, and he says he wants to come and give a farewell dinner. Do you think this farewell dinner is a good thing? In our rule: to this person's life, then say farewell for this person! This is the slang of our peers. How do you know? And he hid his face, and wept. "Since Mother won't let us go," said Bie Wu, "why don't you just say it and teach us not to go?"! Why do you want our lives? Ba Lianzhu stopped crying and said, "My father invited you to be his son-in-law because he loved your martial arts and liked that you were young. He wanted you to be a good helper.". In the past two years, Nai has been listening to you, but he is not congenial. He knows that you have been dragged down by the robbers, and he hates the robbers. So he dares not ask you to help him. But after two years, you know a lot about my family. If you say you want to leave every day, who can see your heart? Those who are congenial will not go,uns s32760 plate, and those who go will not be congenial. Are not the lives of all my family in the hands of those who go? Ann didn't do it first. What about a farewell dinner for you? Don't be scared! "What's the matter?" He said. I do not know twenty-two mu, after all, how to give a farewell dinner for Gui Wu and his wife? Let's talk about it next time. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m。 lksteelpipe.com


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