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Shaoxia in white fell from the sky to repel the bad guys, and then floated away in the adoring eyes of the crowd. Isn't it often written like this in "Strange News Record"? Although her clothes are not white, at least she is the new leader of the alliance. How can things go wrong? Yu Zigui raised his head and looked at the moon. The moonlight was very good tonight, but it was separated by an iron window. Hateful ah, to go out, must let from Luan to revise the false description in "Strange News Record". After all, the fight is not for nothing, and Daxia will also eat in prison. With a sigh, I heard an uncontrollable cough coming from the wall. San Shao, you are badly injured, so why do you want to do it? The voice was deep and powerful, and fit well with the tall figure of Gao Dashan. Had it not been for Wei Zhuofeng's halfway out, he would have taken the machete that Xiao Kuang had not been able to put away, and he would have carried an innocent life on his back. Thinking of this, he felt a little sorry and said to the wall, "Thank you, Mr. Zhuo Feng." I don't know whether I didn't think there was an ear in the wall, or I was suddenly surprised to be speechless, and the cough suddenly stopped. The other side of the wall was silent for a long time. Worried about a change, he called out,heavy duty racking system, "Childe?" Don't have an accident here. Shiying, the young master of the Wei family, is the brother of Elder Martial Brother Jiu. She can't afford it. She was so anxious that she approached the wall of the partition prison and heard a light laugh. What's the matter? Zigui is distressed? "Ziyu is here too." It's strange that Mingming's heart is open, but why the words are soft when they come to his mouth. Disappointed? The smile became more and more obvious. Of course not! Yu Zigui answered immediately without thinking. Kidding! Even if you don't see his face, you can imagine the curved appearance of his black eyes. It was shaped like a machete, and as long as it saw a trumpet flower coming out of the wall, it would be cut off without mercy. There was a chill on her back,Narrow aisle rack, and she subconsciously touched her smooth neck and muttered in a low voice. I just didn't think it would involve Ziyu. It was she who kicked the man, and it was Xiao Kuang who took the knife. Although they were not very cooperative, the word "partner" was set in stone. First, as the leader, he was surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside, only to hear the cavalry behind him report "two accomplices, master and servant", Zhuo Feng Childe and Gao Dashan, this is not strange, who wants them to kill a Cheng Yaojin on the way, thinking heartlessly, and even secretly rejoicing in the escape of their own people. Can not wait to titter, and listen to the cavalry added: "No …" Someone turned himself in, three accomplices. The voice is a little incredible, Pallet rack upright ,pipe cantilever rack, also, surrender, what a loyal word ah, such a silly person is almost extinct in the big Wei. But before she could look back, she was escorted to the prison with "the highest courtesy". Originally thought that this enough silly enough loyalty person is not Xiao Kuang is eleven, but did not expect to be a fool. Misunderstanding her silence, Shangguan sighed and got up. Zi Yu! Even through the wall, I could hear the gloom and disappointment in his words. Uh There was some expectation in the voice. I was thinking about you just now. "What are you thinking about?" The smile rose again, but this time it was the warm tone of the spring breeze. Think about why Ziyu is here. "It wasn't me who was left behind. Was it Ah Kuang?" Shangguan Fu sat down again and said softly, "Now the capital is not peaceful, and Shifu and Elder Martial Brother are all weak literati. Ah Kuang is more useful than me outside." This man. This man.. Her heart softened slightly. She leaned against the wall and said softly, "It's cold on the ground. Don't freeze." "Yes, too." A sound of great pleasure. Cough. Cough.. The suppressed cough started again, forgetting that there were two more people. Just as he was about to summon the wind, he suddenly remembered someone with black eyes like a machete. "Can you do me a favor?" He asked. "Yes." Someone is in a good mood. Help me to see how Mr. Zhuo Feng's wound is. A moment of silence behind the wall. Zi Yu? She called softly. Can I do you a favor? The smile is clear. I always feel uneasy when I implicate outsiders. She shrank her neck spinelessly and whispered. All right, help. This sound is clean and happy, but it is not like the knife hidden in the previous smile. Afraid that she recognized that her footsteps were not far away and could not be deceived, Shangguan Yi stood up and took a few steps, looking coldly at the master and servant in the corner with black eyes. Behind the strong mountain, Wei Zhuofeng sat cross-legged, as if breathing, leaving clear blood stains between his wrists. Yesterday, when he saw a scar on Zigui's wrist, he wanted to do something. Had it not been for Wei Zhuofeng, how could that fool have stood out and how could he have been plotted against. Whether he vented his anger or he was jealous, in short, he blamed Wei Zhuofeng for his enmity. It's just that the wound is really hard to calm the hatred in his heart. Seemingly feeling the unkindness in his eyes, Gao Dashan moved his feet slightly to block his view. How is it? Asked the wall. Don't worry Ignoring the strong man in front of him, Shangguan looked down and did not look away until the parties confirmed their words. It's just a minor injury. Wei Zhuo Feng Dao. There's no need to thank the leader of the alliance. If it hadn't been for a stone hitting the handle of the knife to slow it down, I wouldn't have had time to take it. With these words, Wei Zhuofeng clenched his injured right hand and never mentioned that he had been hit by the stone. There's someone to help. Who is it? On the other side of the wall, Yu Zigui seemed to be meditating. There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the capital, and it is unknown that there are people living in seclusion among the people. The black eyes slowly moved away, and the spring was warm again. Shangguan sat back by the wall and whispered. Can you hold on? You went to see the Duke of Zhou last night. The speaker does not know whether he means it or not, but the listener does mean it. Hearing this, Wei Zhuofeng's face was a little pale. The leader of the alliance doesn't live in the government office? "The official office?" Yu Zigui was surprised. If an official doesn't have a private residence, he can stay in the official residence. Doesn't the leader of the alliance know? "It turns out that officials still have benefits to wait for." Listening to her exclamation, we know that she has completely missed the point. Wei Zhuofeng could not help feeling angry, and his tone became stern. In ancient times, there was a saying in the Ming Dynasty that at the age of seven, people sat at different tables and ate different things. Although Jianghu people don't stick to trifles, as a courtier, the leader of the alliance should be more cautious. Behind the wall, Yu Zigui was slightly stunned. Is he her father or her mother? Even her parents had only taught her to throw herself down immediately when she saw something pleasing to the eye. What about sitting at different tables and eating different things? She said it like she was a coquettish widow named Miao Nineteen. In the heart slightly unhappy,Warehouse storage racks, but did not say, only listen to Shangguan way. Mr. Zhuofeng's words are not bad. Zigui already has a Mandarin alliance. You should be more cautious with others. Not only she, but even the other side of the wall was speechless. Is Zigui tired? 。 omracking.com


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