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"You are so charming like Duoduo." Tang Xiaoyi called my name gently. His deep male voice was gradually dyed, and his lips were warm and tender. He drew and sucked carefully, holding my red lips, which were slightly swollen, and swallowing my surprise that I had not had time to exhale! His slender and well-maintained palm of wealth and honor stroked my cheek, as if holding a jade and playing with a treasure, and rubbed it carefully. In the mirror, the man, the woman, the skin, the red lips and the pink cheeks are gorgeous. Yeah! So I am really charming, like a goblin who just came out of the mountains, pure and charming, ignorant and seductive. I looked at myself in the mirror with a confused face. Tang Xiaoyi, on the other hand, was infatuated. I was wrapped in his arms, wheat-colored skin against my skin more and more white, I heard his hoarse moans, and then I saw Xiangduo in the mirror frowning slightly Tang Xiaoyi, he entered my body again. "It hurts," I said coquettishly, biting my lower lip. Duoduo, I will be lighter! Tang Xiaoyi kissed my lips, teasing smile entangled with intoxicating spoiling, "I have never seen such a person who is afraid of pain, girls always have to experience it for the first time!"! If you don't go on, you will be more painful, and I will be more painful! Jia Baoyu said that women are made of water. No! The eyes covered with a layer of mist are like blue crystals under the mist, glittering and translucent, pear blossoms with rain,Time Delay Tap, blinking, white tears falling down the white and pink cheeks, I think I should be pitied. Yeah! So charming and demon I should be pitied, so Tang Xiaoyi you should love me! "Duo, you're killing me like this!" Then I saw Tang Xiaoyi's teasing smile, and then I was hooped more tightly, as if to rub into the body. You also said you also said whine, you go out, go out, the pain is killing me. "The intense pain made my tears fall, and I began to struggle violently. I cried like a child,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, clenching my fists and beating his chest, not heavy but not light.". Why should I put up with this pain? Why should I be in pain at the bottom while he has to enjoy the damn pleasure at the top. Although, I know that no one can avoid this pain. Alas, how can my little baby cry? "A hot lip is both distressed and helpless to block up, where do I depend on?"? Seeing that he gave in and pushed his luck, he cried even more exaggeratedly. He was still moving around. His hands and feet went hand in hand, tightly circled into his arms, steadied his face, kissed deeper and more eagerly. "Don't cry, don't cry, I can't go out." He finally backed out, picked me up and laid me down gently on the bed, as carefully as a fragile doll. After I touched the bed, I turned over and grabbed the quilt over my head, crying more and more sadly. Whoo, my Dang Ning, I have been waiting for him for three years. Although I don't want to admit it, I am really defending myself for him. But today, I really give up, give up. Xiangduo, can't you forget him? He doesn't love you. He doesn't love you all the time. If he has a little love for you in his heart, Concealed Flush Valve ,Manual Flush Valve, he should come to you after three years. But he didn't, no! What does that prove? Prove that he doesn't love you! In that case, what do you keep for him? Can't you put down a person in three years? Put it down, it's time to put it down The quilt covering my head was opened. I tried to open my misty eyes and looked at Tang Xiaoyi, who was standing beside the bed and looking down at me. His teeth clenched his lips tightly. It must be pitiful. I saw him in a trance for a moment. Such a little pitiful, really distressed dead "body was picked up, Tang Xiaoyi like holding a baby in my arms, pity to kiss my lips, murmur," Duoduo, you say you are not a goblin? Is it "" With my lips in my mouth, I bit them carefully, with some forbearance, unable to stop, painful, hateful and helpless. I curled up in his arms, my eyes wide open like a cat's, and watched him sob in a low voice, "It really hurts." In fact, it doesn't hurt so much, but I think he should pity me, and he should feel guilty. With a sigh, Tang Xiaoyi patted me on the back, picked up the glass on the tea table, took a sip, then lowered his head close to my mouth and fed it mouth to mouth. The bitter and slightly spicy liquid was stirred into my mouth by him and flowed into my stomach. It was wine. This guy actually fed me wine. Does he want to have drunken sex? "Drink some wine and it won't hurt if you're paralyzed!" He said gently and seductively with my lips in his mouth. Do you believe him? But I can't control it! He poured me a mouthful of wine, I did not struggle, open my mouth to drink the wine he fed me, I think, drink a little wine may not be so painful, paralyzed nerves, perhaps really will not hurt, heart and body will not hurt! But I forgot, my wine taste is really bad! Drunk I do not vomit, do not sleep, can be very torturous. It's like I have a schizophrenic personality. It's not up to me. Tang Xiaoyi, I'm not feeling well. Tang Xiaoyi, I'm not feeling well. Tang Xiaoyi I'm hot. My head is getting hotter and hotter, and the pain in my body makes me more and more irritable. I admit that I have a bad heart, I feel bad, and I don't let the people around me live in peace. Noisy, whispering, clamoring, anyway, it is not comfortable. I know I know "bed, he has been gently stroking my back to coax, no way, I have been crying!"! Has been noisy, people drunk brain a confused, can not tell who is who, but I, no, I am drunk not only not confused, consciousness is still very clear. I clearly know that the man lying beside me coaxing me is Tang Xiaoyi, I am so uncomfortable is caused by him, so I can not let him feel better! Yeah, I can't make it easy for him! You know what? You're a man, and it doesn't hurt when a man does something like this! Cough, "I cry out of breath, like a noisy child, you follow me, you do not follow me more noisy." No other woman will be as painful as you! Tang Xiaoyi's tone is somewhat helpless, some heartache, more is at a loss. He held me and patted my back gently, like a sleeping child. Then you go to find another woman,Flush valve price, you go "very willful fire, I have been very uncomfortable, he still stimulated me like this.". cnkexin.com


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