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Hi, I am Peter

  • Live in Dublin, Ireland
  • Speaks English
  • Virtual Friend: U$ 40 / hour

About Peter

I am heading towards 60 but look more like 40 haha. Don't be put off by the price, it depends on what you want to do, paying for petrol etc I have a car and will bring you to places tourist arrangers bring you, and you will find mine is a much faster and cheaper option! Whatever age you are, if considering coming to Ireland skype me and we'll talk about your interests and what you'd like to see and do when you come here. I'll also recommend places to stay and options based on what you say. I'll help with your booking arrangements if you wish especially if you are coming and thinking of travelling as a group Daily, I am an Internet marketer specializing in reputation marketing, video marketing and online branding. Using software and strategies I have, I work with businesses globally setting up systems and educating management and staff in order to drive business. I love life and meeting people and delighted to show anyone around Dublin and parts of Ireland. I met the owners of this site Danielle and Fred at the Dublin Web Summit in Nov 2014 and loved the concept


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