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Hi, I am Miguel

  • Live in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Virtual Friend: U$ 40 / hour

About Miguel

I Was in Guadalajara two years ago, and now I live in Mexico City again. My Hometown! This is my history: I went to Guadalajara 6 years ago with a small briefcase to supervise a work project that was supposed to last only a few days. Little did I know destiny had other plans; days turned into months as the project stretched on and delays were postponed indefinitely. When the same project that had initially bought me there finally came to an end, I realized I had come to adopt the Pearl of the Occident as my new city. I left my job as a chief of operations for an international marketing research and found myself with loads of free time, which I devoted to discovering the city and learning about its history. I went on a few classic tours, but had the impression I was only skimming on what the city had to offer. I felt the need for a tour that was more personal and authentic (and less touristic!); a tour that I would like to go on myself if I were a visitor in this land and one that went beyond a guidebook's recommendations. It was here in Guadalajara that I could finally engage full time in my passion, which prompts me to say that since then, I have never “worked” another day in my life. Collaborating as a business consultant for a youth hostel downtown allowed me to meet countless travelers and share incredible experiences about life in the city, from sightseeing to feasting on savory tacos to rooting loudly for contenders on nights of lucha libre . My philosophy is simple and has always been the same: I love Mexico, its history and traditions and its rich culture and I wish to share that with you. I have seen the historic center of Guadalajara a thousand times and Mexico city aswell , but for you it’s a first – therefore my goal is for you to experience it in the best way possible and make it a memorable journey. It was in 2008-2009 that the Tequila Tour by Mickey Marentes started taking form, first experimenting with friends and relatives and then slowly gaining impulse through the years. Now, it has become my full time occupation along with guiding people through the City. I am thankful for the help provisioned by those in the industry, many of whom became close friends with the passage of time and for their openness to teach and share and their craftsmanship, allowing me to pass it on to you! -Miguel This is my web site: www.tequilatourbymm.com


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