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Hi, I am Mauricio

  • Live in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Fullday: $150.00 / Halfday: $75.00

About Mauricio

I was born in Mexico City and lived here all my life. I like to travel trough Mexico and I had opportunity to travel outside in the past years. But everytime I come back, I see how marvelous and interesting is this metropolis. The people are kind and warm, the food is excellent and diverse. The landscapes in Mexico City are beautiful, the parks, the open spaces and the ancient buildings. This city has a huge and interesting history, the mexica people before the spanyards, the colony, the independence and the construction of the nation. You can see all this in the streets and in the museums. Mexico City has more than 170 museums of all kind. Arts, History, design, ancient cultures, etc. Mexico is a great (and a chaotic) city with a great past and a splendid present.


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