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Hi, I am Luciano

  • Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Speaks English, Spanish, French
  • Fullday: $180.00 / Halfday: $90.00

About Luciano

Appart of working as a lawyer, i mean an independent lawyer, i dedicated some years to study and improve of myself as an Actor. You will be able , if you wanna to, to watch my Reel in the front page of this web page, I love idioms, and that is sometihing that i have deep in my heart. for ex , i love so much speaking in Ennglish, ( language whom i making courses of conversation nowadays) Same with the French language. I ve learned English as a boy in the school. and French when i was a teenager. aftertime, i ve kept on studying both of them here in Buenos Aires. I could make many trips to different places abroad , as i describe down here.


Art and Architecture English French History Nature Photography Spanish Sports
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