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Hi, I am Luciana

  • Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Fullday: $150.00 / Halfday: $75.00

About Luciana

To start, I´m a brazilian who is in love with Buenos Aires, and almost feel like a historian at this point as I have been working in journalism covering Argentinian issues. I have always tried to get to know this city from a local point of view. Frequently running away from the standard touristic points and searching for new curiosities, something different, peculiar, unique. After almost 5 years, Buenos Aires keep surprising me through its architecture, cuisine, and immense culture that branches from its one-of-a-kind mix of an old europe with latin character. I really love biking through the city, and I do all my stuff on two wheels to enjoy the beautiful Buenos Aires´ circuit. I also enjoy going to the cinema, watching jazz concerts, and attending art and photography events all around the city. A description of the city would not be complete without including its exquisite cuisine, something Buenos Aires has a lot of. Needless to say, one of my favourite activities in the city is to find and try new restaurants and cafes, which are appearing in new places and corners of the city all of the time...


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1 reviews

Jul 2016

My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful day with Luciana. We had been on tours of BsAs from the general to specific. From Luciana we asked for more of an "organic" experience. We wanted to wander the city as though we lived in BsAs. Doing things and sharing the day like we do at home --chatting, seeing parks, visiting cafes, shopping at ferias ... We planned a couple of museums too, but the weather was beautiful so we followed where the day took us. She even arranged for us to share her homemade mate.