LeonardoMexico City, Mexico"Me and my girlfriend are fully commited to give you the best mexican experience. "


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I am a 34 year old passionate man. Born and raised in Mexico City. I dedicate myself to teach and help others throughout my job. Grew up at bilingual schools and so English became my second language. Have traveled to China, Costa Rica, Cuba and USA because I believe true wisdom comes from opening ourselves to the rest of the world. Here you can take a glimpse of what I currently do for a living: http://entrenadorpersonal-de-nutricion-y-fitness-david.sacom.mx


We (my girlfriend and I) love cooking and eating sorrounded by friends and interesting strangers 'cause those are the ones that get to know you so much that in the end they turn into brand new friends!
Hanging out and talking with people all over the world fills me up with joy and that´s the best way for me to learn even more about life.
New vegan at home, not that much outdoors.
We also love Rock Climbing, here at Mexico City we know just the right spots for this outstanding hobby.
If you click below on my video link, you will see me climbing a wall at Oberlin College Gym, in Ohio, last Thanksgiving.
What can I say? Words are not enough...truly amazing experience!!!
Be patient and you will see me getting beat up by that wall, but as in life I always say:
"Never back down, never give in",
"Life is not about getting to the top, it's about giving it all on the way up" :)


Health Coach & English Teacher


English, Spanish


  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • History
  • Shopping
  • Family and Kids
  • Food and Drinks
  • LGBT
  • Local Culture
  • Art and Architecture
  • Nightlife
  • Hobbies
  • Music and Dance
  • Nerd Culture
  • Others
  • Outdoor

My prices

  • Full day USD $104.0
  • Half day USD $65.0
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
Prices include all fees and taxes.
Prices shown are for 1 person. An extra 30% will be added for each additional person joining the group.

Local experience

Getting to know my own city by foot and public transportation, in a savvy way of course, is what I do in my daily spare time combined with my work: movies, restaurants, museums, food markets, stores, healthy activities, enjoying a nice cup of organic coffee, and later on grabbing a drink, dancing and listening to live music at calm elegant bars & nightclubs, all these things are embedded in Mexico City daily lifestyle.
Come join me and give me the chance to amuse you across this Latin North American cultural landmark.


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