JowRio de Janeiro, Brazil"I am a lively and cheerful person. Many people consider me a funny person. I like meeting new people and new cultures. With me you will not have a tour guide, you will ha"



I'm an accountant, but I'm changing my mind, I'm starting Systems Analysis and Development. I live with my parents, but I'm planning to live alone, and I was excited to meet this site, where I can meet new people, and still earn some money by walking around the city of Rio de Janeiro. Which is always very beautiful.


I love meeting new people and new cultures. I love photography, nature, restaurants, music and outdoor activities, but I also like Museums and Cultural Center


I'm an accountant, but I'm changing my mind, I'm starting Systems Analysis and Development


Portuguese, English, Spanish


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  • Nature
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My prices

  • Full day USD $104.0
  • Half day USD $65.0
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
Prices include all fees and taxes.
Prices shown are for 1 person. An extra 30% will be added for each additional person joining the group.

Local experience

Rio de Janeiro has many options for things to do outdoors. Start the day with a stroll through Parque Lage, then go to Jardim Botanico, climb Catacomb Park and end the day watching the sunset at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas; Or, Start the tour through Paris Square, Arcos da Lapa, climb Santa Teresa through the Selaron Staircase and go to Parque das Ruinas, then take the VLT and go to the Museum of Tomorrow and watch the Sunset on the Boulevard Olimpico, or take the subway and watch it on Arpoador. Both would be two examples of Perfect Day.


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Explore Rio de Janeiro With Jow

Tips and traps of Jow

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Photography & Views

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas at the weekend is a meeting point for friends and family. It is very common to find people doing picnics in the late afternoon, enjoying one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro Ps: My Photo

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Museu do Amanhã -

Art & Culture

Museu do Amanhã -

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful museums in the world. Surely you need to know this place. Ps: My photo

Cheap ($)

10 Am - 5 PM hours

Praça Mauá, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Sunset in Arpoador

Photography & Views

Sunset in Arpoador

Every day of the sun, the afternoon, one of the best options in Rio de Janeiro to be is here. One of the best known Sunset in the world. Ps: My photo.

Arpoador Beach