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Hi, I am Gustavo

Promoter- DJ - Musician - Manager Hostel

  • Live in Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Virtual Friend: U$ 40 / hour

About Gustavo

Florianopolis is not only beach and nature, there is also a lot of art and alternative culture in downtown. Come and meet this not-so-known side of the "magic island". Underground Parties, Antique Coffe Bars, Street Pubs, Eletronic and Rock Bar ... Here we go! Florianopolis não é apenas praia e natureza, há tambem muita arte e cultura alternativa no centro da cidade. Venha conhecer esse lado não tão conhecido da "Ilha da magia". Underground Parties, Antique Coffe Bar, Street Pubs, Eletronic and Rock Bar...Here we go!


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