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When Kou Yingjie saw the old man with mouse eyebrows speaking, his triangular eyes flashed with fierce light from time to time, and he had the intention of making an immediate move. After a series of extraordinary encounters, Kou Yingjie can not be taken lightly by any reasonable person, but also can be calm and no longer impulsive. As he listened, he nodded his head slightly and said, "Since the two old people don't show their identities and names, why do you have to answer your questions?"? It's obviously not human! As soon as the old man with mouse eyebrows picked up the two mouse eyebrows, he was about to break out, but the old man with sheep whiskers beside him gave a sneer. He stroked the goatee under his chin with one hand, nodded his head and said, "Little brother, what you said is not unreasonable. It doesn't matter if I tell you their names, but if I ask you, you have to tell the truth." "That depends on what you say," said Kou Yingjie. "Be bold," the rat-browed old man shouted angrily. With a pair of triangular eyes wide open and waiting for an attack, the old man with a goatee beside him stepped forward and made a smiling face to smooth things over: "Don't mind, little brother!" The man stroked his goatee and said, "My surname is Nong, Nong Tai. This is my younger brother, Shang Yeping. I came here not to visit the mountains and rivers, but to look for an old friend for many years." Kou Yingjie nodded and said, "That's right. It's just that you have nothing to do with me." "I didn't say I had anything to do with you," said the old man with sheep whiskers with a sneer. "I just asked you about him." Kou Yingjie already knew it in his heart, but he deliberately made a gesture. Then he nodded slightly and said, "So that's it. I'd like to hear more about it." The man, who called himself Nongtai,outdoor spa manufacturers, said with a smile, "Friend Kou, the man we are looking for is a tall man, eight feet away. Have you ever seen such a man?" Kou Yingjie proved in his heart who the other party was looking for. He shook his head quietly and said, "I didn't see it!" "Nonsense," the rat-browed old man, Shang Yeping, snapped in a low voice. "He's hiding here. How could he not have seen it?" "If you think he's hiding here," said Kou Yingjie, "why ask me? Be my guest! Then he turned to one side. The rat-browed old man,best whirlpool tub, Shang Yeping, shouted angrily, "Be presumptuous!" He suddenly raised his right arm and clapped Kou Yingjie in the air. This technique looks very strange, like patting and grasping, five thin fingers slightly bent, that is, there is a sharp wind, straight to Kou Yingjie. Kou Yingjie immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest, as if he had been deeply pierced by five sharp steel needles. He instinctively turned outward, and immediately, the sharp pain in his palm disappeared. On the contrary, the rat-bearded old man who shot at him seemed to be suddenly struck by gravity, and his body suddenly retreated two steps before he stood firm with the stake. Kou Yingjie was puzzled by this strange phenomenon. In fact, he didn't know that he now had an image of internal evil force. He only needed to concentrate on it and put people to death with every move. In addition, he had been deliberating on the 11-character formula of internal skill taught by Guo Baiyun day and night for half a year, and he had already mastered it. Therefore, both internal and external training were mutually causal, and the improvement of his skill was beyond his former ability. In front of him, although he had never thought of fighting with the other side, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,hot tub manufacturers, he just wanted to get rid of the painful feeling added by the other side's snapshot, but he did not know that the rotation triggered the force, and the inner evil force suddenly sent out, which would make the rat-browed old man Shang Yeping pale on the spot. It turned out that these two men were the outstanding guards of today's Da Nei. Nong Tai, an old man with a goatee, was nicknamed Lightning Guest, and Shang Yeping, an old man with mouse eyebrows, was nicknamed Eagle Claw Hand. The two of them were born in the underworld in the past. They made a name for themselves in Jianghu and ran amuck in Sichuan and Shaanxi. Later, they were collected by Pingjiang Yisou Haikong, the commander of the Great Inner Shenwu. They were transformed into the Great Inner Guards of the Royal Family. Naturally, they rose rapidly and became supercilious. Pingjiang Yisou Haidakong is said to be a strange man in the world today. He has been known for a long time in the martial arts world for his various acts and almost mythological legends. It is said that this man made his fortune in the border area of Qingkang. He was young and had extraordinary abilities. He was taught by a strange man and became a man of steel and iron. After his parents died, he went into the mountains and forests alone to hunt for a living. He could catch birds and hunt tigers and leopards. However, because of his green face and ugly appearance, he was hated in the countryside. Once he had a conflict with others and killed 17 people in a row. It is said that Hai Dakong was a fugitive from his native land, and engaged in the business of the underworld on the ground of Xichuan. With his unique learning, in a few years, he had already broken through ten thousand sons, and the name of the bandit was the King of Hell with a Green Face. In the area of Sichuan, Guizhou, Kangxi and Yunnan, all the underworld people followed him and worshipped him as a God, but they were controlled by him from afar. All of a sudden, the sea and the sky became famous in the underworld. In the underworld, only Tie Haitang, one of the twelve orders in the universe, and Bian Zhen, a lone bandit in Hainan at that time, could only look up to him. Qing Mian Yan Wang Hai Da Kong was growing in popularity in western Sichuan, and was thinking of expanding his momentum to the south of the Yangtze River. He deserved his luck. Just at this time, Sheng Miao, who was entrenched in the border area between Sichuan and Yunnan, suddenly rebelled. The young man, with nine braids, claimed to be Miao Shuai, and led thousands of Miao people to launch a large-scale attack. The local defenders stationed in Sichuan and Yunnan rushed to the battle, but they were defeated. Overnight, they broke through for the Miao army, killed and captured heavily, and were routed. So the court ordered the recruitment, but gave the underworld leader a good opportunity to make contributions. It is said that Hai Dakong, based on a moment of anger, assembled more than a dozen underworld figures in Jianghu, pretending to serve the local garrison, to appease the place, but in fact it was for fear that Sheng Miao occupied his existing sphere of influence. The green-faced King of Hell, based on his own interests, stepped forward. One day before the battle, he used his nocturnal posture and went deep into the enemy camp. Without anyone knowing it, he took the head of Miao Shuai with nine braids and put it on public display. As a result, the Miao army due to the death of the commander in chief, and thus chaos, collapse, the sea and air to the second dozen of the underworld master, is to wait for the enemy camp, enjoy the killing, just three days and nights, pawn will be tenacious Miao chaos to calm down. Reward according to merit after the event, the sea big sky is to play, see heavy than today's saint,endless swimming pool, transferred to the big inside as a servant, not the second promotion, and become today's Shenwu camp commander status. monalisa.com


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