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Hi, I am Daniela

Avaliable during February 24/7!

  • Live in Santiago, Chile
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Fullday: $150.00 / Halfday: $75.00

About Daniela

I'm a friendly person, outgoing and sociable, love to get to know new cities and go around my own one, it gives you something new and surprising to learn every day. I'm from Santiago Chile, so far I've lived in São Paulo - Brasil and NYC in the US, from that I've got my passion for sharing my culture, language and traditions, and also getting to know people from all different backgrounds as well. I found amazing to share this kind of experiences, it makes me happier. I enjoy music, outdoors and food a whole lot, I strongly believe I'm a lover of life!


Art and Architecture English Family and Kids Hobbies Music and Dance Nerd Culture Nightlife Outdoor Portuguese Spanish

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1 reviews

Aug 2018

Daniela is the best !!! We had a wonderful time with Daniela in Santiago. She is very familiar wit the city and surroundings. A very pleasant friend as well. Five Stars. Highly recommended.

Zvi Ganz