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"Please come aboard, my Lord." Had it not been for the fact that Qiuyebai was sure that she was in Shangjing, looking at such a scene, she almost thought that she was really in a city of flowers in the spring water of half a trench. The misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River looked at Qiuyebai's stunned expression. The second housekeeper snorted contemptuously from the bottom of his heart. The northern barbarian was so petty that he had never seen the world. Qiuyebai, Xiaoqi, and the second housekeeper got on the boat with the black canopy on their front and back feet. The Qingyi maidservant who rowed the oars was also dressed as a fisherman's girl in the south of the Yangtze River. She rowed the boat along the winding canal. Flowers and trees were planted all over the way. From time to time, fallen flowers came down one after another. Not far away, a piece of stone with moss on the shore was carved with the wonderful truth of falling flowers. The pen was calm and atmospheric. Qiuyebai quietly looked at the scenery in front of him, sighing in his heart, no matter what kind of family the Mei family is, but this ingenuity is really unique, Jiangnan water village, really outstanding people. The second housekeeper looked at the sharp and cold expression on the white face of the autumn leaves, and felt proud: "All the scenery and houses in the house were built by my eldest young master himself when he was sixteen years old. Your Majesty and the old Buddha of the Empress Dowager also liked the wonderful truth of Luoying very much. Originally, the word'truth 'was the earth, or the old Buddha of the Empress Dowager changed it into the truth of true meaning." The realm is naturally a higher level. Autumn leaf white smell speech, in the heart lightly, it seems that the plum family is really the queen mother old Buddha's favor, let the two housekeepers never forget to remind her, the queen mother old Buddha must be on their side of the plum family, let her be more interesting. However, she must also admit that if this garden is designed and built by the eldest son of the Mei family,Blue Bottle Serum, then the eldest son of the Mei family is indeed a rare talented person. Since the eldest son is so talented, this thousand is a little puzzled, why the eldest son did not take part in the imperial examination into the official, is into the Ministry of Works, can not say that in the future is also a minister of talent. Qiuyebai shook the folding fan in his hand and enjoyed the scenery by the canal. Those who were not slaves did not like their masters to be praised. The second housekeeper was proud of himself and said with some regret, "My eldest son has to shoulder the heavy burden of the family. As the eldest son, he has to do so. But last autumn, the third son has passed the second class of Jinshi,Glass Cream Jars, and now he is waiting for the assignment of official positions." Akiba Bai got the news he wanted to know, and then nodded slightly: "Well, your house has outstanding people." Although the Tianji Empire still had some emphasis on agriculture over commerce, and the merchants could not compare with the officials, the talented children of the merchants were already able to be like scholars, but it was strictly stipulated that after they became scholars, they were not allowed to do business again, nor were they allowed to work in the place where their own business was located. Once they found that they had abused their power for personal gain, they would take off their black hats, or implicate their families in exile for three thousand miles. Even with such harsh conditions, there are still many children of businessmen who take part in the scientific examination in order to seek another future. Look at this big childe these years the plum family industry has expanded several times, want to also is not the thing in the pool, plus their own concubine's third brother into the official, although can't in the capital, even can't in Jiangnan plum family prosperity place, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, but after all or pressure him, how can he be reconciled? Now the relationship between the Mei family and the Du family is getting closer and closer in the twelve years of his control, which must be the result of his unwillingness. The eldest son of the Mei family, besides being talented, is also ambitious. I just don't know whether his ambition is limited to business or whether he has a deeper plan. The white autumn leaves looked at the falling flowers, and a trace of sarcasm flashed through their eyes. The second housekeeper saw that Akiba looked pale and could not figure out what she was thinking, so he suspected that he had said something wrong, so he dared not say any more. For a moment, I could only hear the sound of the boatwoman's oars, the rustling of the branches in the summer wind, and the fragrance of moist water and fallen flowers in the air. Qiuyebai stood with his hands on his back, quietly enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Jiangnan water village in front of him. Suddenly, he heard an ethereal song coming from far away: "Lotus can be picked in the south of the Yangtze River. Lotus leaves He Tiantian.". There are two carps, playing with each other in the blue waves. Fish play lotus leaf east, fish play lotus leaf south. The woman's voice was soft and soft, with a strong flavor of southern Jiangsu, which made Qiuyebai feel a little absent-minded in an instant, as if she had returned to the days when she lived with her master in the south of the Yangtze River when she was young. That year, when she was only thirteen years old, she lived in the water village. Without telling her master, she changed the clothes of her little daughter, put on a double bun and sneaked into the girls who were picking water caltrops. She sat in the small rocking boat and went all the way into the depths of the lotus flowers. All the way, she played with other girls while picking water caltrops and lotus flowers. Later, several little girls drank the lotus wine brewed by the boatman. I wish I could be drunk forever with the fragrance of lotus flowers all over the sky. In a daze, what lingers in my ears is the lotus picking song sung by the girls in the south of the Yangtze River in Wu Nong's soft language. She was in a trance, but the song seemed to be near: "Whose daughter is in the depths of the lotus leaf, laughing and throwing a lotus across the water.." Accompanied by the song, there was a soft silk scarf in those days. The mist-like silk scarf drifted down from a delicate stone bridge across a small canal in front of it, skimmed over the right side of the white autumn leaves, and drifted down into the water. Qiu Yebai subconsciously stretched out the folding fan in his hand and hooked the silk scarf into his hand. The silk scarf is delicate and smooth, with a faint fragrance. Hello Suddenly a woman's soft voice came from the bridge: "Nong Sanin, Nong Le Zuo Sa!" A mouthful of soft agricultural Wu dialect, soft glutinous but charming, is obviously an impolite question, but it reminds people of the spring breeze blowing in March in the south of the Yangtze River, apricot blossoms thick. If you were from Beijing, you would not understand the local soft language in the south of the Yangtze River, but Qiuyebai could understand it. She raised her head and looked at the girl standing on the stone bridge. She smiled: "I am a guest. What I was doing just now was to help the girl pick up the silk handkerchief that almost fell into the water." At this glance, she could not help but be stunned. The girl on the bridge, carrying a basket of flowers in her hand, leaned against the bridge, and suddenly half leaned out, a lotus root pink pair of skirts, autumn water bright eyes with a slight anger, Qiong nose cherry lips, white and delicate melon seed face under the reflection of peach powder on the tree, showing a kind of transparent pink. The eyes are really charming, the face is charming, the peaches and plums are burning,glass cream jars, and it is hard to take away their beautiful and thick color, but there is no place that is not delicate, as if the trees full of fragrant flowers had turned into human form. penghuangbottle.com


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