CamilaFlorianopolis, Brazil"I am a young architect who loves Florianópolis and its history. We can discover the city throw it constructions. And I can suggest you some art workshops and good markets."



I am Camila Tuyama. I am a young architect and urban design. I am originally from the north of Brazil and I came here to study and it has been my home since then. Because of my degree and my tastes, I have developed a lot of different information about Floripa and its culture. So, I can show you some heritage and nature spots as well with an architect view. My hobbies include many outdoor activities and art classes. Also, Florianópolis has a large number of art classes and workshops that I can advise you if you are planning to stay a little longer. Same to festivals, museums, markets and more. Currently, my boyfriend and I are developing some designs and a brand of concrete bowls, if you are interested in to make your own concrete vase.


My hobbies include outdoor activities such as tracking and bike ride. I am very into art. I am always studying new techniques and going to meetings such as Urban Sketchers.



Portuguese, English


  • Local Culture
  • History
  • Food and Drinks
  • Art and Architecture

My prices

  • Full day USD $104.0
  • Half day USD $65.0
  • Virtual friend USD $52.0
Prices include all fees and taxes.
Prices shown are for 1 person. An extra 30% will be added for each additional person joining the group.

Local experience

A perfect day in Florianópolis it is a sunny day, no cloud, perfect to stay outside enjoying nature, beaches, lagoons or going to a walking tour. To make it even more perfect, we can enjoy fresh food and good markets.


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