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Many people who know the existence of Wuwei Kitchen know that the boss there is Miss Gu. If you can have a relationship with each other, you will benefit a lot. Father Li suddenly learned that his daughter was a college classmate with the other party. How could he not use such a good relationship?! Invite the partner to Wuwei Kitchen for dinner as the father of the boss's classmate, which is quite different from that as an ordinary guest. The former can double the success rate of his case! Don't mention how much Li Dad is looking forward to it. Li Yixin would come down out of vanity, and she didn't dare to tell her father that she had a general relationship with Gu Anqing. No, it was not general, but she unilaterally targeted others. They had nothing to do with each other at all, and the identity of classmates was not useful at all. If she really said it, there would be a lesson. Although her father was usually good and generous to her, he really showed no mercy to her. How dare she pour cold water on him at this time. That's why she came to the door in person when she couldn't get the phone number. Thought, as long as she made a good apology, Gu Anqing will not necessarily refuse her, this is the main reason she knows and Gu Anqing relationship will generally come to the door. But it turned out that she really thought highly of herself. Out of the gate, she looked back at the plaque of Wuwei Kitchen, with a dim look. Otherwise, she would try to grab an order code by herself, and then say that the boss gave it to her. Maybe she could fool it? In order to avoid being blamed by her father, she also threw caution to the wind. "Tang Xiaolin, how about it? Did you get the order code?"? Didn't you say you would invite me to dinner? Can you still do it? Zheng Zhou made a phone call to Tang Lin, and his tone was somewhat derisive. Tang Lin.. I'm sure I can do it tomorrow. He has been waiting on the front page of the official website since eleven o'clock last night. After the early morning,Adhesive fish ruler, he went to grab it as soon as it was refreshed. Result I didn't get it. No matter how much you hear about it, it's better to see it with your own eyes. Fifteen places were really snatched up in an instant, and he didn't even touch a hair. This disappointed him, but at the same time, he looked forward to it even more, because it was another proof that the restaurant was excellent. Who would compete for it every day after midnight? After quarreling with Zheng Zhou for a while, Tang Lin hung up the phone. Then I couldn't resist forwarding a koi on Weibo, with a postscript: Forward this koi,Surveyors tape measure, I hope to have good luck. Recently, I heard from my friends about a very nice restaurant, but this restaurant is so popular that it's hard to get a place. I hope I can get it tomorrow! "Ah, Xiaopang, is this an advertisement?"? "This is the first time I've seen you post such a soft text on Weibo!" Upstairs, what kind of soft text is this? Xiaopang did not mention the name and location of the restaurant, which is at most a daily sharing bar, Xiaopang, wait for you to finish eating to feedback ah! "Come on, you can get it." “……” With the activity of Tang Lin's fans, he received a lot of comments not long after he sent it out. He just had nothing to do and interacted with his fans. He had a lot of fun! The next day. Tang Lin V: Fell, yesterday that koi didn't work at all, and I didn't get it. "Xiao Pang doesn't cry, fish measuring tape ,Walking tape measure, stand up and play!" The third day. Tang Lin V: I don't believe it. I really can't get it. Just roll up my sleeves and do it! [Fists clenched] "Well, come on?" The fourth day. Tang Lin V: This man is dead. He has something to do with burning paper! [Waxing] [Waxing] [Waxing) "Ha ha ha, forgive my unkind smile, sorry, poof ha ha!" "I'm sorry, I also." "Laugh at the splits. This is the first time I've seen Xiao Pang so pitiful. Come on, expose the name of this restaurant. Let me see which restaurant can't even get a place for so many days?" "Yes, expose it, or we'll help you grab it together?" Fans are either ha-ha, or laughing at him, the good ones are comforting him, but Tang Lin has not been comforted at all, he is about to go crazy! Want him to eat all over the country invincible, this time unexpectedly planted in such a restaurant?! Maybe the more you can't eat, the more you want. Otherwise, no one would go out of their way to do hunger marketing. Tang Lin now is this kind of feeling, he especially especially especially want to go once, but he still did not grab the order code, and then tomorrow people Wuwei Kitchen will be closed, two days later will be open again. That is to say, if you can't eat today, you will have to wait for the weekend. This made Tang Lin feel as uncomfortable as if he had been scratched by a cat. It would be nice if someone who got today's order code could invite him to go to Wuwei Kitchen. Perhaps God heard his prayer, or perhaps he was moved by his persistence, perhaps someone really called him, but when he saw that the phone was from Zheng Zhou, Tang Lin did not want to answer it. If you take this, you will be laughed at. At the beginning, he was full of confidence that he could invite people to dinner, but a few days later, he didn't even get a place to eat. How to think about losing face, just as if he didn't see it! The ringing of the mobile phone stopped quickly because no one answered. Before Tang Lin could breathe a sigh of relief, his cell phone rang again. Looking at the big three words of Zheng Xiaozhou on the screen, Tang Lin seemed to see Zheng Zhou's sarcastic face, gritted his teeth or took it. But the next moment he took the phone away. Ha ha! Sure enough, there was a burst of wild laughter in the receiver, and the voice was so arrogant that it wanted to go to heaven. Tang Lin is depressed to death. The other side laughed enough to finally get down to business, of course, before saying that he had not refrained from teasing, "Tang Xiaolin, you are good enough, black face can be comparable to Africans, so many days unexpectedly did not grab once, I can grab once a week at the worst time!" And the worst is this week. He hasn't been there for a few days. I can't think about it. I finally got it today. Then when I saw the news on Tang Lin's micro-blog, I couldn't help showing off. Tang Lin said with a black face,Wheel tape measure, "if you have something to say, I'll hang up if you don't." "Hang up, don't regret it!" Zheng Zhou was fooling around and kept him in suspense. Wait 。 tapemeasure.net


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