AlexandreSão Paulo, Brazil"Let's make from your journey around here your best journey ever! I am a 31 years old engineer who is also graduated in Philosophy. I have a lot to say, ..."



Let's make from your journey around here your best journey ever! I am a 31 years old engineer who is also graduated in Philosophy. I have a lot to say, free time and desire to make my best to show you my city... the big São Paulo city! And as a special gift for my tourists, if you choose go to sunset square, I will present you with a free bottle of brazilian wine! From your arrival untill you leave, I will meet you at airport and say goodbye at the airport too, you won't worried with any trap because I will be ready for them and take you to fun and culture! I am able to speak English, I also speak Italian and I am able to understand a speak a little german. Actually I am also an Italian Citizen, so I am linked with italian culture and food! Do you must go for a bussiness appointment? I will make sure everything will be OK! Wanna a date? Let's looking for the best mate! Archtecture? Do you like it? I love it and I will show you our best.... and worst, in my opinion! Let's go for a car ride! You will be impressed about how big São Paulo City is!


That's a hard question!
I am a very curious guy and I've already been interested about tax stamp collection, military uniforms, videogames and more, much more!

Nowadays my free time is to study about Brazil's History and Culture. Do you know that Brazil is a country that had to be "invented" by its own? Yes, it did! All others countries of "The New World" had a different way in their formation... Australia was part of the British Empire administrative philosophy, the Spanish South America already had Native Civilizations with rules and laws, USA raise from England with a defined purpose. On another hand, Brazil become nowadays Brazil from a lot of attempts, some of them are great, others are terrible!

I am spending a lot of time researching about Brazil, an unique place. The way you will see, taste, hear, feel and speak about Brazil will be very helpfull and fun for bouth os us discover this wild land!


Systems Engineer and Philosofer


Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian


  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • History
  • Shopping
  • Family and Kids
  • LGBT
  • Local Culture
  • Art and Architecture

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Local experience

Despite the fact I was born and spent most part of my life in São Paulo city, I've travelled a lot! So I can explain you where São Paulo city is similar to other parts of the World and where São Paulo city presents all its uniqueness!
And my point is explain why some parts is aligned with some other cities and unique in other parts, it does not matter where you come from, São Paulo city has some areas linked with your country!
São Paulo city is surrounded by other 39 cities, with more than 21 inhabitants and 8 thousand squared km, only 4 times smaller than a country named Belgium.... my intention is show you the best from all this place, culture and people!

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Kito Samsam

Kito Samsam

Most friendly guy with amazing knowledge! Hire this guy! I met Alexandre in 2014 during my 6 months' exchange at the University of São Paulo where we both studied. In 2016 I went back and we became good friends. He showed me around, we walked great parts of the city. He told me a lot about the city and customs. I met his friends and at one point even got introduced to his family. He knows where it is a good place to go and where not and what to do and what not to do. I went to places I would not expect to go and had a great time with this sympathetic and gentle person. If you want to get a great and not superficial experience of São Paulo, the city, the people and its culture, hire this guy!

Nov 2017

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