BIke Tour from Boa Viagem (south side) to Recife's Downtown (Recife Antigo)

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About Roderick

I was born and raised in Recife and feel very passionate about the city. I have moved back here after living in Fernando de Noronha for six years, an incredibly beautiful island off the coast, just 01h away on a plane. It was a super rich experience where I had the chance to interact with travelers from all over the world. In 2011, I traveled around Europe for a couple of months, and studied English in Dublin for a month, another amazing experience! I’m really interested in nature and culture and love exchanging ideas so it is a real pleasure to me to welcome foreigners and try to provide the visitors with a more genuine local experience.

About BIke Tour from Boa Viagem (south side) to Recife's Downtown (Recife Antigo)

South side: Boa Viagem, Pina and Brasília Teimosa. In the middle of the way, you are going to bike along the reefs, that holds one of the most beautiful views of Recife. Downtown: Francisco Brennand's Sculpture Park, Island of Recife (Recife Antigo), Bom Jesus Street, Sinagoga Kahal Zur Israel, República Square, Santa Isabel Theatre, Cais da Aurora and São José Street Market.