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About Térèse

Home host and Carioca, I love to show my city, Rio de Janeiro, to my guest, as a local friend. My truly vocation is to deal with new experiences around the world and with different cultures and people.

About City Tour

I use to receive a lot of guests from outside and even from Brazil, that comes to Rio de Janeiro to spend an only day thinking it is enough to know the city. It’s impossible. Only the City of Rio de Janeiro has 1 200,177 km² and is the biggest touristic destiny of America Latina! Besides, there are wonderful cities very close to the Capital that surrounds it, the tourists love to go. There are cities you can go early in the morning and back in the night and there are cities you can go to spend 2 or 3 days, for example. Of course, if you can only spend 1 day in Rio de Janeiro, I’ll give you the best tip to enjoy it. But as so many options to do in the city that I’ll organize here by categories. So, come with me: As I said, if you, unfortunately, could spend only 1 day in Rio de Janeiro, the best thing to do is to choose a CITY TOUR. In Copacabana Beach sidewalk you will find a lot of people selling it, or you can find it in tourism agencies or points that give support to the tourists. In that tour you, usually, will know the Corcovado (Christ, the Redeemer), Sugar Loaft, Maracanã, Selaron Steps (Arcos da Lapa) and will stop to have a lunch. The tours take you at your accommodation at 8 am and leave you at the same place around 8 pm. Some or them goes along the main beaches and goes to Porto Maravilha too. But, at the same time, these don’t stop to lunch. The price is around R$ 200,00. THE TOURISTIC POINTS Corcovado (Christ, the Redeemer) The best way to go there is taking a van in Praça do Lido (Lido Square), Copacabana. Inside the square, you will find the official stand of Corcovado where you buy (on time) the tickets including the transfer. Outside the square, you will find the vans that take you directly to Christ. It costs around R$ 70,00.But going by van you won’t have the possibility to enjoy the climb by train, inside the forest where you can see the small monkeys. So, if you prefer to go by train, you have to go, at first, to the main station (and nearest), in Cosme Velho neighborhood. By car: you can go directly and pay about R$ 26,00.By metro/bus: you have to take the metro until Largo do Machado Station and, there, take a blue free bus (its belongs to metro) until the Station. You will pay only the metro tickets (around R$ 4,80)The tickets: they say, on the site, you have to buy it 48 hours before, but it’s not necessary. It is just to guarantee your place, but you can buy on time. The problem is that buying on time, you should have to wait to a train that has empty places (how many time you will spend depends on the season and the day – on weekends in high season you could spend hours and, because of that, don’t try to do this on New Year Holiday or Carnival). The tickets cost around R$ 70,00. Sugar Loaf Situated in Urca neighborhood, the only way to get there is by car. There’s no metro or bus. Unless you were hosted near Rio Sul Mall (or in Urca neighborhood). So, you can get there walking. The price of the cable car is around R$ 80,00. It’s an amazing outing. I definitively recommend. Maracanã Situated between the Downtown and North Zone, there are daily tours inside the stadium. You will spend 40min visiting everything inside there and the guides are bilingual. The tickets cost R$ 65,00 and you can buy it on time from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Or, by the site https://maracanatour.superingresso.com.br/#!/hoe But, if you want to watch some game, you have to know the schedule games. Each game has a different price. Visit the site: https://www.tourmaracana.com.br/programacao Be careful: Flamengo games are not safe. I don’t recommend. Avoid the big teams’ games (Vasco, Botafogo, Fluminense – and mainly Flamengo, of course). Selaron Steps The Selaron Steps is situated in Lapa, going to Santa Tereza. So, you can visit both places (and, still walk around some Santa Tereza’s streets on the same day. You can go by metro and drop at Cinelândia Station, exit Cinelândia. The first thing you will see is the Theater Municipal, a replica of the Paris Opera House, but smaller. It doesn’t open to visit or tour, but you can visit the site to check the schedules of ballets, operas, and concerts. It’s not very common, depends on the season. http://www.theatromunicipal.rj.gov.br/ Lapa Arcs So, after to take some pictures in front of Theater Municipal, you take your left hand and go ahead by the theater street. Two blocks more you are in Lapa. See the Arcs, it’s one of our “postcards”. Then, continues in the same street, ahead, along with the Arcs and soon you’ll see the Steps. At the end of the steps start Santa Tereza neighborhood. But Santa Tereza is a very, very big neighborhood with a lot of difference entrance in different neighborhoods. You can go to Santa Tereza by Lapa, by Laranjeiras, by Cosme Velho, by Downtown, by Paineiras (depends on where do you want to go to Santa Tereza). And be prepared: Santa Tereza is a hill. So, prepare your legs!!!! Bondinho de Santa Tereza (Santa Tereza Cableway) – If you want to join a delightful experience, make a tour on Santa Tereza Cableway. You will pass over the Arcs (a very narrow way – exciting!) and, then, will make a tour around all the neighborhood. It’s an excellent way to know it. Furthermore, you can drop in the stations (Largo do Curvelo, Largo dos Guimarães, Vista Alegre and Largo do França) and take the cableway again to continue the tour. Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5:40pmSaturday from 10 am to 5:40p, Sundays and Holidays from 11 am to 4:40pmPrice: R$ 20,00You have to take the cableway on Carioca Station, besides the Carioca Station metro (exit Avenida Chile). The cableway station is on the street Lelio Freitas, besides Petrobrás building. http://www.bondesdesantateresa.com.br/http://www.visitesantateresa.rio/bonde/ Suggestion: since you’re going to Avenida Chile, visit the Rio de Janeiro Catedral. It’s not a big deal but is our Catedral

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