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About Térèse

Home host and Carioca, I love to show my city, Rio de Janeiro, to my guest, as a local friend. My truly vocation is to deal with new experiences around the world and with different cultures and people.

About Casa da Feijoada

Rio de Janeiro has an enormous variety of food and food from a lot of foreign countries. But I believe if you come to Rio de Janeiro, you would like to taste (and know) a typical Carioca food, wouldn’t you? So, the plate is FEIJOADA. Made of black beans and a variety of smoked meats, the side dishes are rice, cabbage, cassava flour, and orange. And you should be asking: Orange???. Yes, I explain. The smoked meats are so salted. So, we use to suck orange buds during the meal, to neutralize the salt. But FEIJOADA is very heavy food, so, I suggest you eat at lunch. And, after eating, you certainly would like to take a nap after. Some restaurants use to serve FEIJOADA with Torresmo too. Torresmo is an appetizer made of pork skin and fat. Delicious!!! The restaurant I suggest to eat a very good FEIJOADA in Rio is CASA DA FEIJOADA, in Ipanema. The drink that must accompany the FEIJOADA is our traditional CAIPIRINHA (or Caipifruit or Caipiroska). The difference is: CAIPIRINHA is made with LEMON and CACHAÇA; Caipifruit is made with any fruit and CACHAÇA. Already the Caipiroska is made with any fruit (even Lemon) and VODKA. But I suggest you drink CACHAÇA, that is so Brazilian.

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