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About Térèse

Home host and Carioca, I love to show my city, Rio de Janeiro, to my guest, as a local friend. My truly vocation is to deal with new experiences around the world and with different cultures and people.

About Teatro Oi Casa Grande

Teatro Oi Casa Grande is the biggest theater in Rio de Janeiro. This is why the biggest musical plays made in Brazil or Broadway's adaptions are presented there. During all February it presents "Bibi, uma vida em Musical", that tell the personal and profissional trajectory of Bibi Ferreira, a big Brazilian Star who is, today, 95 years old and is still working in the stages.

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More about Teatro Oi Casa Grande

Medium ($$)

Thursday and Friday 8:30pm / Saturday 5pm and 9pm / Sundays 7pm hours

Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290 | Leblon – RJ | 21 2511 0800