Impressionism landscape, Monet house and the Garden 'à la française'.

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I am Ramona, certified Tour Guide-Lecturer in Paris and ''professional traveler'' with keen interest in art and in love with Paris.

About Giverny - Château de Maintenon - Aqueduct of Vauban.

From Le Notre's symmetry of nature's order to little chaos of Monet Gardens, you will see the passage of time & history in two masterpiece Gardens and the only civil work created by the military architect Vauban - the aqueduct built to provide water for the gardens and fountains of Versailles and never finished. You will enjoy the village of Giverny, an oasis of greenery, Monet's Gardens & House on the right bank of the Seine River in Normandy and the hidden jewel of Maintenon, an early fortress transformed into an aristocratic residence, with garden by Le Nôtre, the gardener of Versailles. He created here a magnificent landscape dominated by water, for Madame de Maintenon, the secret second wife of King Louis XIV, the Sun King. Last but not least, the famous aqueduct of Vauban, majestic, crossing the centuries and the Marquise' garden. The garden ''à la française'' was designed to represent harmony and order, the ideals of the Renaissance, and to recall the virtues of Ancient Rome. ITINERARY: Paris - Giverny - Maintenon - Paris. Private Tour - Full day Trip with 'Line Cut' tickets included. This tour is a passage from the French formal garden 'à la française' to Monet's paradise! In Giverny - see the village & the two Gardens (Water and the pond, Normand Garden of Monet). In Maintenon - Château de Maintenon (the palace and the garden). - The tour includes a guided visit in the house of Monet and Château de Maintenon. - Free time /visit on your own the Water & Normand garden of Monet, known as the Father of Impressionism, magically recreated on his canvas, with their trademark water lilies and the Japanese bridge. - Lunch for one hour (on your own, at your choice) in Giverny. Please NOTE: * This tour only runs April 1- the end of October! * Being small and always crowded, in order to ensure a civilized visit, the Monet Foundation offers the morning or the afternoon tickets. It is the computer that gives this option. Depending on the time given, we will start the tour with Giverny or with Château de Maintenon.

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Giverny and Maintenon